wide cheekbones

Many women try to emphasize their cheekbones and make them more pronounced. So the face becomes more beautiful and feminine. But what if you naturally have very wide cheekbones? Can they be reduced and made elegant without plastic surgery? To do this, you just need to choose the right hairstyle or do makeup that hides this flaw.

How to hide wide cheekbones with makeup?

If you want to visually make wide cheekbones smaller, get a foundation that is darker than your skin tone. It should be applied a little below the cheekbones, blending well. If you usually use a golden-toned product as a base for makeup, apply a lighter corrective layer on top of it, apply delicate shades of blush on the forehead, and dark ones on the area under the chin.

When doing makeup for a face with wide cheekbones, be sure to add a little blush to the area under the eyes. At the same time, avoid horizontal lines. For example, do not make the arrows too long. Summing up the eyes, it is better to direct them upwards.

Lipstick should be chosen only in light colors. If you use a lip liner, apply it in the middle part of the lips, without highlighting the corners. Also, to visually narrow the face, you can paint over the middle of the lower lip with lipstick or gloss, a lighter shade than the one you apply in the corners.

What hairstyle to make a woman with wide cheekbones?

Don’t like doing makeup every day? Then how to hide wide cheekbones? You just need to choose the right hairstyle. Owners of wide cheekbones should give preference to long hair. A hairstyle can have many details, but they are best concentrated in the front of the face.

If women have wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead, you need to choose a haircut:

  • with additional volume at the crown;
  • with thick straight bangs;
  • with asymmetrical bangs.
  • wide cheekbones in women

Hairstyle is another important factor. It is recommended to make a cone-shaped haircut. But you need to forget about smoothly combed back hair. They only draw attention to the wide cheekbones. Not the most inappropriate option is round-shaped haircuts, when the hair on the neck is cut short, as this visually expands the face even more.

One of the best options for owners of very wide cheekbones is a short flight of stairs or a classic square that ends at the chin. But it is better to do such haircuts only with a side parting.