Today, any user can effectively train at home: various simulators provide such an opportunity. Some help to recover from an injury, others to drive off excess weight, others to build muscle and “dry out”. It is quite easy to get lost in the variety available. To know which machine is best suited for specific tasks, let’s compare an exercise bike, an ellipsoid, a stepper, and a treadmill.

Exercise bike and its effectiveness

First on the list is one of the most effective types of simulators. If you have ever ridden a bicycle, then you will unmistakably determine exactly how it works.


The workout is similar to riding a regular bike. The advantage of this device is its static nature, which eliminates the risk of active injuries (car, collision with an obstacle, etc.). The advantage of static training is independence from weather conditions. Not every healthy lifestyle enthusiast is ready to ride in heavy rain or strong gusts of wind. After class, when the strength is already running out, there is no need to lift your bike back to the apartment, clean and lubricate it.

exercise bike

Important! The dimensions of the exercise bike are perfect for its placement at home. In addition, there are compact models that can be easily placed even in a small room.


The exercise bike is effective for strengthening the cardiovascular system, as well as for weight loss. During training, almost all muscle groups are involved. First of all, the changes affect the lower limbs. All the muscles of the legs, thighs, buttocks are tightened, the tone of the ligaments and the state of intra-articular fluids improve. An exercise bike is an excellent prevention of occupational injuries.

Classes on the simulator increase endurance, optimize the work of the central nervous system, help to relax and calm down after an exhausting working day. There is a marked increase in oxygen supply, which subcutaneous fat is burned. Many fitness fans prefer to exercise on this particular type of simulator.

Exercise bike in the apartment

Types and cost

According to the principle of operation, belt, magnetic and electromagnetic options are distinguished. There are elliptical, vertical and horizontal trainers. In any of the listed modifications, you can choose a model at a price of 5-7 thousand to 100-250 thousand.

  • simplicity of design;
  • ease of use;
  • do not require complex maintenance;
  • very effective in improving their health indicators;
  • compact;
  • different price range;
  • you can practice at home.
  • sensor error;
  • weight restrictions (depending on the power structure, frame;
  • noise and hum during operation.


It is difficult to find something more effective for the legs than a running machine. Instead of running around the park, you can now relax in a pleasant home environment where no one can distract you from your workout.


The treadmill saves a lot of time and nerves spent on finding a place to workout, the way to it and back home. Instead, just put the running belt right in your room, choose the right music, and completely immerse yourself in the workout.


For practice even there is no need to follow a strict system. If you have a free minute, you can devote it to an easy jog. Dimensions allow you to easily install the simulator in the room: it will take up very little space.


The simulator is most effective in cases where it is necessary to train a group of muscles, bypassing the increased load on the pelvic bone. During training, the heart muscle is perfectly worked out, the lungs and bronchi are stimulated. Tighten the muscles of the thigh, back, buttocks, calf muscle.

Important! The running belt allows you to quickly and effortlessly get rid of excess weight. Especially effective is the lift-adjusted version, which simulates going uphill. During training, an average of 600-950 calories / hour is spent.

If during training the user moves his arms, then his muscles of the shoulder and forearms are involved. You can get rid of the increased load on the spine, strengthen the spinal muscles and abdominal muscles. Which is better, an exercise bike or a treadmill, will depend on what tasks the user is facing. This will be discussed below.

Types and cost

There are three main types of running belts on the market today: a mechanical belt, a magnetic treadmill, and an electric machine. The cost starts from 5-6 tr. and can reach up to 100-150t.r.

  • effective for weight loss;
  • affordable price;
  • long term operation;
  • simple training;
  • small dimensions;
  • several muscles are involved at once;
  • high efficiency.
  • the need to master the techniques of running and breathing;
  • noise level while running;
  • The level of load on the lower extremities is not suitable for everyone.

Stepper trainer

The name of the simulator comes from the English word step-step. Functioning is carried out by making stepping movements on the platform. Powerful levers built into the base of the case are able to adjust the load, simulating climbing stairs.


Steppers are preferred due to their small size. These are simple, unpretentious in maintenance and operation devices that are easy to store in an ordinary apartment. Among the modifications, you can meet classic steppers, as well as their miniature versions. If you use such a stepper together with dumbbells, then the shoulder muscle group is connected to the workout.

Stepper trainer


The main load falls on the lower muscles of both legs and buttocks. However, there are modifications that can include other muscle groups in the load, for example, the lower and even the upper part of the torso and spine.

With prolonged exercise, endurance increases, the quality of everyday walking improves. A person becomes able to go more.

Important! As a calorie loss, this type of simulator is somewhat less effective than its counterparts. The average consumption per hour of training is approximately 400-500 calories.

Types and cost

There are several types of steppers.

  1. Stepper with built-in expanders – it can be used without a bunch of dumbbells.
  2. rotary stepper. There is a special handle that turns the body in the same rhythm with the steps. Due to synchronization, a more accurate imitation of walking occurs.
  3. Balancing stepper. This is a very interesting version of the stepper. With it, the user can improve their running parameters. The sense of balance is trained.
  4. Stepper for kids. It can be occupied by both healthy children and those who are recovering from an injury. Effective in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies, for example, with cerebral palsy.

Stepper trainer for children

The cost of the stepper depends on the modification of the simulator itself. Basic versions can be found for 5-7 thousand. Advanced models, which include a complex of rehabilitation training, will cost the user from 40-60 thousand rubles.

  • various options for simulators;
  • simple and understandable training;
  • affordable price;
  • the gluteal muscles and leg muscles are significantly pumped;
  • improves the quality of walking;
  • development of endurance;
  • relieves stress.
  • the main load on the lower muscle group;
  • high load on the legs;
  • a number of contraindications.

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical bike can be called a compromise solution that combines all the best from an exercise bike, a running belt and a stepper.


One of the main advantages of an ellipsoid is its compactness. The device provides a good cardio load due to the fact that the exercises are very similar to running with overcoming obstacles. Training on an ellipse is more gentle than on the above types of simulators.

Elliptical Trainer

Another significant plus is the possibility of more precise monitoring of the entire training cycle. It is achieved due to the design of the device, which allows to achieve an effective measurement of the main indicators: heart rate, calories burned.


The greatest impact is to the back muscles. On the back, not only a tonic, but also a strengthening effect is carried out, posture improves. During the training, the muscles of the arms work, as well as the waist, buttocks and calves.

Important! With intensive hourly training on this type of simulator, you can burn up to 1200 calories in 1 hour!

According to the degree of impact on the body, the ellipse can be called a universal simulator, because in addition to simulating walking and running, it also gives the experience of skiing, stepping and exercising with dumbbells. At the same time, the joints are not overloaded, so this simulator is most often recommended for older people.

Elliptical Trainer for the Elderly

Types and cost

An elliptical trainer is one of the most diverse in design and functionality. On the market you can find both classic “mechanics” and more advanced mechanical with magnets. The two varieties do not differ much in price and user experience and belong to the class of budget devices.

The more expensive “ellipse” is magnetic modelwhere the exercises are switched not with the help of buttons, but thanks to the electronic control console, which usually has a high-quality and convenient LCD display.

Model on electromagnetic basis is the quietest, as the work is carried out from the mains. This is the most efficient elliptical trainer, the only significant disadvantage of which is its high cost.

The last species that can be found on the market is aeromagnetic devices. The only difference from electromagnetic counterparts is that they can work even where there is no electricity. The built-in generator helps with this device.

Elliptical trainer in a country house

The most inexpensive models are sold at an average price of 8-10 tr. The most expensive “electromagnetic ellipses” can cost more than 200 thousand rubles.

  • gentle training regimen, no stress on the joints;
  • simulates several simulators;
  • takes up very little space;
  • simple training;
  • affordable price tag;
  • effective training;
  • strong, durable, versatile.
  • rather high load on the body;
  • before use, it is better to consult a therapist;
  • cannot be used for injuries.


Before choosing what is better to buy, you should clearly define your goals. Each of these devices is perfect for the house in size.

If the main task is to burn fat and increase the load, then the best solution would be to choose an elliptical trainer.. It provides the highest calorie consumption, but at the same time spares the joints. Ellipse develops the widest muscle group, legs, buttocks, abs and spinal column. In some cases, even the shoulder group is trained.

In the case when the user wants to achieve a long-term (cumulative) positive effect and ready for constant training, it is better to buy an exercise bike. Working on this device is comfortable, simple and understandable. With the proper approach, you can use a wide group of muscles, raise the tone throughout the body.

The treadmill and stepper are also effective devices for improving the quality of life. You can get great results by practicing them consistently. True, the average calorie consumption per workout will be slightly lower than that of the above analogues. Moreover, such devices develop only the lower part of the body.

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