Today on the market there is a large assortment of brands of equipment representing epilators. Which one is better to choose if these devices do not differ from each other in appearance? To understand the question of which epilator to choose, our article will help.

Selection criteria

The difference between the devices lies in the appearance, the number of nozzles, features and functions. To know which epilator is better to buy, you need to pay attention to such points:

  • the principle of operation of the device;
  • number of tweezers;
  • the principle of anesthesia;
  • number of speeds;
  • type of epilating head;
  • food type.


Differences between disc epilators and tweezers

When answering the question of how to choose an epilator, we must remember that each such electronic device was created to perform a single mission – to pull out a hair along with its root. This is supported by special rotating parts, which during rotation touch each other, capture the hairs and remove them. This happens with the help discs or tweezersrespectively, and devices are produced in two or more versions.

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There are the following types of epilators:

  • disk can capture up to 32 hairs at a time in different areas of the body;
  • tweezers are able to act in the range of 20-40 hairs.

Forty tweezers are the best choice. And the first reason is the accelerated depilation process. But after using the disk, no allergic skin reaction occurs (it is noticeable by red dots on the skin).

Tweezer epilator

How to choose a good tweezer type epilator? There is also something to think about here:

  1. Tweezers from of stainless steel Most epilators have it. Such devices are not very expensive, but they also have some disadvantages – for example, hair can be skipped or even broken off during pulling.
  2. Ceramic models more expensive, but the cost of choice is fully justified: each hair is captured and removed entirely. They are more suitable for sensitive skin (an epilator for the intimate area).

How does pain relief work

The procedure for pulling out hairs, of course, cannot but be accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations (the epilator gives the smallest during the procedure for the legs). But some manufacturers are looking for ways to minimize such discomfort – choose your options.

  1. Using the instrument while taking a bath. Here you can connect shaving foam, which will preliminarily soften the skin. Yes, and jets of water will dull the pain well. This is a very common feature if the hero of the story is an epilator for home use.
  2. A painless process is possible and on cooling, for which a helium mini-capacity from the epilator itself, which had previously been in the refrigerator, is applied to the treated area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin. An ice pack or a towel soaked in cold water will also work. And in the kit, Brown even comes with a special cooling mitt, which must first lie down in the refrigerator. This turns the device into an epilator for intimate places.
  3. blowingfor which some epilators from the Philips brand have an additional unit that supplies a stream of cold air to the treated area.
    Epilator for sensitive skin

    Philips HP6521 epilator for sensitive skin

  4. Vibromassage will relax the skin and reduce pain (in this case, it will be possible to use an epilator for the bikini area). This is noted in epilators from Braun. Usually, vibromassage is performed either using the built-in roller massager, or using a massage brush, which have the best reviews. Using wheels or hard bristles, they go ahead of the tweezers (or discs) and prepare the skin for the next procedure.
  5. You can advise exfoliating nozzle. It helps to simultaneously remove the upper stratum corneum and lift the hair above the surface. In the absence of such functionality, you can treat the skin with a scrub or a hard washcloth the day before. This cannot be done before the procedure itself – microcracks will appear and the surface will be injured.

Often, manufacturers label anesthesia blocks in their own way. You can see the following inscriptions: Satinelle Sensitive in Philips, Silk-épil (SE) in Braun and Epil Active in Rovent.

It is believed that it is best to purchase options with a massage brush – all other methods, although they create ease of use, cannot be the key to its successful work.

Philips epilator

Philips BRE610/00 Satinelle epilator with massage head

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Working epilation head

Recently, there have been many commercials praising floating head. We are talking about such a part that moves in different directions, which allows you to remove hairs in a variety of curves of the body.

This feature is in demand in the popliteal region and in the bikini area. This epilator is also great for underarm depilation.

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This detail is usually built-in or removable. It is better to prefer the second option – this advantage can be assessed in terms of ease of cleaning and disinfection. Maintaining hygiene during the depilation process will minimize the possible risks from the procedure. The removable head can simply be washed under running water – this will increase the service life of the device itself, because even the included brush cannot clean all the hairs stuck in the tweezers.

Epilator Braun Silk-épil 9

Braun Silk-épil 9 epilator with floating head

Is speed important at work?

The speed switch is not needed in order to quickly finish the started event. It turns out that each type of hair prefers its own high-speed mode.

  1. On the first digit switch should stop when removing thick and coarse hair. This speed can be used when working in the armpits. But the Slow mode is not suitable for long hairs – she will simply pull them out.
  2. Normal or second speed generally suitable for hair with more than normal length. In this case, they are just well captured and pulled out along with the root in one sharp jerk.
  3. Fast or fast speed relevant to speed up the entire procedure (respectively, its pain decreases). The intimate moment of the body part of the epilator will work just fine at this speed.

How will the device be powered?

Usually food will go mains or battery. The choice in favor of the second is worth making if you constantly have to travel long distances. However, you should immediately prepare for the fact that often mobile batteries operate in the range from 30 to 40 minutes. Here it is already important to calculate whether this time will be enough to carry out the planned event.

There is also an improved quality option, when two power sources are connected in one device. Such a device will cost much more, and belongs to the category of “premium”.

Battery powered epilator

Additional functions

How to choose the right epilator? What “bells and whistles” are needed and which are not in such, in fact, a small device? For example, users consider it very important the presence of backlight, which will help not to miss even very thin hairs. In some models, the backlight for epilation can also be viewed in a mirror (very convenient when working with armpits).

However, there is another “opposing” camp, in which they complain that the additional lighting at the epilator only gets in the way. Here they assure: it is quite possible to do without the designated function, which increases the zeros in prices – you just need to do depilation in a well-lit place.

Nozzle sets

These devices are not present in every model, however, some epilators have special caps for underarms and bikinis. They are needed to cover part of the tweezers. Thus, the amount of pain is also reduced. Nozzles are also marked differently:

  • Bikini Perfect by Philips (epilator for the bikini area);
  • Silence Bikini by Rovent (deep bikini epilator).
Epilator Rowenta EP5444

Epilator Rowenta EP5444 Silence

Very often, it is the presence of such nozzles that increases the price of the device many times over. However, the purchase of equipment may remain unclaimed, because the pain in such tender places only increases, and the nozzle is not very necessary.

There is another interesting nozzle option – it is intended for shaving. Often it is used by those women who have not been able to overcome the pain threshold and want to return to the old methods of removing excess vegetation.

Another version of the “razor” nozzle – epilator trimmer. Such a nozzle can only partially shave and align the hairline. It is often used to create intimate hairstyles, but in most cases, such a life hack simply remains unclaimed.

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And we can not say about the nozzle “for newbies“. Outwardly, it is similar to the one used for intimate places, and the principle of operation is almost the same (the nozzle is put on over the working head and covers part of the tweezers). She also pulls out only part of the hairs. You need to understand that after using such a nozzle, part of the vegetation will remain on the body – which means that the question is logical: is it worth buying an epilator with such a nozzle, or is it much better to “start” with tweezers?

Epilator with cap for beginners

Reviews of the best models

This small rating is based on reviews from real users. So, we choose an epilator based on the capabilities of proven devices.

Rowenta Silence soft ep5660

This model is equipped by the manufacturer with several technological innovations at once. The first is the innovative Silence system. She makes an epilator virtually silent. This innovation is implemented in the form of a double casing, the layers of which are sealed, which leads to the absorption of noise and vibration without their release to the outside. When compared with devices of the same brand, but of the previous generation, the difference is noticeable: Rowenta Silence soft ep5660 is almost inaudible.

The second technology is Micro-contact comfort, providing gentle effect on the skin, without irritation. For anesthesia, the head of the device is equipped with roller massagers.

The complete set of the device is generous: the main nozzle has a floating head, there is a nozzle for peeling, shaving and a trimmer. There is also a cleaning brush for the device. Patented geometry tweezers can capture hairs as small as 0.5 mm, there are 24 tweezers in total. The epilator has a backlight, 2 speed modes.


  • quiet;
  • good equipment, nozzles can be washed;
  • delicate, precise and painless epilation;
  • backlight.


  • can not be used for wet epilation.

Braun 5780 Silk epil

This model has four nozzles included. The main nozzle for 40 tweezers is designed with Close-Grip technology, which is aimed at grabbing even ultra-short hairs. The point nozzle allows you to remove individual hairs, for example, on the face or gaps in other areas. There is also a trimmer and shaver attachment.

The Braun 5780 Silk-epil has a floating head that is able to pass as accurately as possible along any curve of the body. All nozzles can be washed from dirt. Nice bonuses will be cooling mitt, which helps to anesthetize the epilation process, and a handbag-case. Also included is a cleaning brush.


  • painlessness of the procedure;
  • nozzles and accessories included;
  • backlight;
  • quiet work;
  • long power cable.


  • expensive;
  • inconvenient to clean nozzles.

Philips Satinelle HP 6420/00

The device from the popular Philips brand has a design that is not only attractive, but also ergonomic. Small, tapered and rounded at the bottom, the epilator is comfortable to hold in your hand. The nozzle in this epilator is disc. It can remove up to 30 hairs in one pass. This speeds up and simplifies the whole procedure.

Philips Satinelle HP 6420/00 has two modes of operation. The device is designed in such a way that it can capture very short, thin blond hair and remove it with the subcutaneous part. The skin remains well-groomed for a long time, without vegetation on it. The epilator comes with a cleaning brush. The appliance is intended for dry use only.

Philips claims that this appliance is manufactured to the highest environmental standards.


  • affordable price;
  • disc nozzle that can be washed;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • long wire.


  • only one nozzle;
  • no backlight;
  • noisy during operation.

Remington EP7020 Smooth & Silky

This is a device from a reliable American brand whose name guarantees a certain quality. The working head of this model is at a slight inclination, floating. Comes with an epilator four nozzles: the main epilator is equipped with 40 tweezers, a shaving net, a massage and a special nozzle for working with sensitive areas. The nozzles can be washed in water. However, this epilator can only be used on dry skin.

The massage head is coated with aloe vera. In the process of exposure, the skin calms down, inflammation from epilation is removed, hair removal is almost painless.

The epilator has two modes of operation and a convenient backlight that prevents fine hairs from being missed. Non-Slip Tweezer allows you to remove very short hairs with a bulb.


  • a good set of washable nozzles;
  • ergonomic handle with anti-slip coating;
  • massage nozzle with aloe vera;
  • backlight;
  • Stylish storage bag included.


  • only for dry epilation;
  • users note that this model does not always capture fine hairs;
  • expensive.

Panasonic ES-ED70

Users called this model the best for bikini line care. The manufacturer has taken care of the convenience of its customers: ES-ED70 has a movable head and 4 nozzles included. The main nozzle has 48 tweezers. In addition to it, the kit includes a nozzle-limiter, a shaving nozzle with a removable comb, a nozzle for delicate areas. Additionally, there is a cleaning brush, protective caps and a storage case.

This epilator can use for wet epilation, including with foam. The model has 2 modes of operation and illumination. Panasonic ES-ED70 is a cordless epilator powered by a battery. One charge is enough for 0.5 hours of work. You can restore the charge in just 1 hour.


  • LED backlight;
  • equipment;
  • dry and wet epilation modes;
  • quiet work;


  • expensive;
  • shaving head has bad reviews, uncomfortable.

Other types

There are alternatives to painful mechanical hair pulling – laser, photo and needle types of epilators. The first one is laser epilator, which emits laser light during application. This negatively affects the bulb, reducing hair growth over time.

Similar effects are observed after application photoepilator – only in this case, excess vegetation is killed with a flash. Like the previous version, this electric epilator can be used at home (and not just for use in salons).

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Photoepilator Panasonic

Photoepilator Panasonic ES-WH80

Under needle epilator it means a device that acts on the bulbs with the help of current (the idea is not new, just not promoted enough) – such an epilator is suitable for both legs and sensitive armpits. The charge is applied with a thin needle to a shallow depth, where the follicle itself is destroyed. The device operates using the following methods:

  • electrolysis (d.c. penetration and formation of alkaline bulb destroyers);
  • thermolysis (bulb destruction due to high temperature);
  • flash (painless process of thermolysis exposure in a fraction of a second);
  • blend (thermolysis and electrolysis).

We take into account contraindications

The epilator has both pros and cons. Of course, no matter how good the chosen device is, before using it, you should make sure that there are no contraindications. These include:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • the occurrence of keloid scars;
  • eczema and psoriasis;

Eczema on the feet

  • fresh tan;
  • viral infectious diseases (against the background of a decrease in immunity, additional problems may arise in the body).

If we are talking about laser and photoepilators, then the epilator has taboo contraindications for all of the above, plus cancer, all stages of pregnancy, lactation and diabetes are added here.

By the way, it is also undesirable to do the usual types of mechanical depilation while waiting for the baby – it is not known what exactly can provoke a painful shock.

Should men epilate?

This wish is purely individual, but the following historical background will help those who wish to do this: a similar procedure was very popular in the days of Ancient Rome. And today, interest in the procedure is only increasing. The only difference between male and female hair removal is that men will have to decide on more procedures and choose those parts of the body on which they will do the epilation.

So, if you decide to buy an epilator, it remains only to choose the best of the criteria presented – and smooth skin after a painless depilation process will become not a dream, but a reality.