Most people pay little attention to the choice of simple styling products, such as a hair dryer. In fact, in vain, because the beauty, shine and health of your curls depend on it. But on the market, a hair dryer can be bought in a very different price category, so how to decide among all this variety? We have prepared a couple of tips that should help you with this.

Decide on the type of hair dryer

For example, a hair dryer with a diffuser is used in beauty salons, so it belongs to the category of professional equipment. Accordingly, its price will be higher than that of a compact or household hair dryer. But the compact one is more convenient to take with you on business trips, on vacation, and so on. Household hair dryers are suitable for daily use because they are quite quiet and you won’t wake the whole family up while drying your hair in the morning. If financial possibilities allow, we definitely recommend making a choice in favor of professional hair dryers. You will immediately feel the difference, as the hair after drying will be healthy, smooth and silky. Not to mention the huge number of additional features that can be used for styling.

What about hair dryer power

Here, again, it all depends on the type. If we are talking about compact hair dryers, then it is impossible to fit a motor with a power of more than 200-500 watts into a small case. The power of household hair dryers usually starts at 800 watts. A simple rule works here: the more, the better. But you must understand that high power affects the fact that the equipment becomes noisier. If the quiet operation of a hair dryer is important to you, then it is better to choose something suitable from household models.

Standard operating modes:

  • Two modes of engine operation. One gently and gently dries the hair, while the other is used for a quick extra styling.
  • Two/three temperature modes. This is necessary in order to be able to optimize the drying temperature for a specific type of hair.
  • Cold air supply. The final stage of drying hair is processing them with a stream of cold air. This technique helps to close the scales and make the curls smoother.

As for additional functions, here manufacturers offer different options. Let’s take ionization as an example. This feature removes static electricity and makes hair more manageable, which is why such hair dryers are very popular. Additional options expand the functionality.