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Subcutaneous tissue in the human body contains adipose tissue, its amount depends on the location. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a benign tumor is formed in it, medically called a lipoma. Due to the fact that not all people know what a wen looks like, such seals remain under the skin for a long time and often increase in diameter. Some tumors reach such a large size that they begin to compress nearby organs, nerve endings and blood vessels.

What does a wen look like on the body?

For an unmistakable diagnosis of the pathology in question, it is important to be able to correctly identify its symptoms:

  • oval or round tubercle, rising above the level of the skin;
  • soft and elastic structure;
  • good tumor mobility;
  • the color of the seal does not differ from healthy skin, rarely has a yellowish tint;
  • when probing and pressing there is no pain;
  • sizes – any, from small grains to melons.

These signs are clearly visible in the photo:

what does a wen look like on the body

It is easier to detect lipomas located near vital organs, such as respiration. Here is what a wen looks like on the neck:

what does a neck fat look like

Of course, at an early stage of growth, this compaction is difficult to notice. But, as the diameter increases, the tumor begins to squeeze the throat, interferes with normal swallowing and breathing.

What does a wen on the head look like?

Lipomas in the hair are a fairly common occurrence in dermatological practice. They are very easy to spot, as they are perfectly visible visually, which confirms the photo:

what does a head bump look like

In addition, the wen on the head is well palpable, especially in women who are used to combing their hair and styling every day. Even a small neoplasm is instantly determined by the fingers.

What does a wen on the face look like?

When diagnosing lipomas in the area under consideration, difficulties often arise. They are easily confused with closed comedones and common subcutaneous acne.

what does a face fat look like

Therefore, it is important to know well the main distinguishing features of fatty benign tumors on the face:

  • white, round, bulging neoplasms without a visible opening to the outside;
  • when pressed, the seal is movable and does not hurt;
  • the lipoma does not become inflamed and does not increase in size (under normal conditions).

Frequent localization of such seals on the face – around the eyes. Here is what a wen looks like on the eyelid:

what does a wen on the eyelid look like

The photo shows that the tumor is located directly under the skin, slightly yellowish in the center, although in general it does not differ in color from the epidermis.

What does an inflamed wen look like?

The shade of the lipoma changes if it has undergone irritation and subsequent inflammation. In such cases, the neoplasm grows rapidly, acquires a purple tone (in places), bursting blood vessels (hematomas) are visible on it, as in the photo:

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Such situations require emergency removal of the seal, as pus can accumulate in it and inflammation will spread to neighboring tissues.

What does a wen capsule look like?

Lipoma excision is a quick and simple surgical procedure. As a result of the operation, the tumor is removed along with its membrane.

what does a capsule look like

Interestingly, the wen is not just a bag with dense contents. It has the structure of a mandarin, consists of several lobules connected to each other, and is penetrated by thin blood vessels.