wen on the body causes

Wen It is a benign tumor that is formed from adipose tissue cells. It is also called lipoma. Subcutaneous single formations are the most common, but sometimes there are also multiple growths in the subcutaneous tissue or muscle fibers. Do not worry too much if you have wen on your body – the causes of this phenomenon lie not only in diseases.

Why do wen appear?

The main reason for the appearance of wen on the human body is a strong slagging of the body. The accumulation and poor excretion of harmful substances lead to:

  • an abundance of harmful foods in the diet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • lack of diet.

Very often, such neoplasms appear after strokes and various tissue injuries. Unfortunately, for the formation of a lipoma, sometimes just a slight, but prolonged external pressure on the skin is enough. Also, the causes of subcutaneous wen on the body are:

  • smoking;
  • disorders in the immune system;
  • exposure to radiation.

In women, lipomas also develop with hormonal imbalances. Heredity can influence the formation of such formations. The presence in the family of a relative who has encountered this problem significantly increases the risk of the formation of a wen, which is unsightly from an aesthetic point of view.

What diseases are the causes of the appearance of wen?

Common causes of the appearance of wen on the body are diseases of the autonomic or nervous systems or the pathology of their work. Their occurrence can be provoked by a severe violation of the process of lipolysis (destruction of fatty deposits under the skin). The reasons for the formation of multiple wen on the body also include:

Sometimes a lipoma appears where there is no adipose tissue at all. This is, for example, a skull. This formation is called a heterotopic lipoma. The cause of this type of wen on the body is choristoma. These are the beginnings of adipose tissue, which accidentally got into other tissues during the development of the embryo.

Diabetes mellitus, disturbances in the processes of tissue regeneration and blood circulation also lead to the appearance of large and small lipomas and, often, these are multiple benign formations.