Very dry hand skin - what to do to put your hands in order?

In ancient times, the true age of a lady and the nature of her work were judged by the condition of her hands. For housekeepers, it was dry and cracked, but for real ladies, it was tender and soft. No one makes such a class division anymore. However, very dry skin of the hands – what to do with it – is an actual problem to this day. Any woman can become a victim.

Very dry hand skin – causes

The following factors can provoke this problem:

  1. Dry air. In winter, the heating devices are to blame, and in the hot summer, air conditioners.
  2. Allergy. It can be caused by food and low-quality cosmetics.
  3. Chlorinated water. Contact with it leads to tightness of the skin. In addition, it becomes rough and dry. Too hot water has the same effect.
  4. Exposure to household chemicals. They gradually thin the protective layer of the epidermis, and with prolonged contact completely destroy it.
  5. Avitaminosis and insufficient water intake. With dehydration and a poor diet, health problems begin, this also negatively affects the condition of the skin.
  6. Certain diseases (these include diabetes, dermatitis and other ailments). If the cause is caused by diseases, then external influence on the problem area is meaningless: it gives only a temporary result. It is important to find out why very dry skin on the hands, and then treat the disease itself that caused this condition.
  7. Natural aging process. Age-related changes do not have the best effect on the condition of the skin. It loses its elasticity, becomes rough.
  8. hereditary factors. If there is a genetic predisposition, a woman needs to be prepared for the occurrence of this problem.
  9. Wrong care. This also includes the habit of not wiping your hands after washing. The moisture remaining on the surface during evaporation dries out the epidermis.

How to moisturize very dry hands?

If the epidermis is flaky, cracked and burns slightly, all this indicates an advanced stage of the problem. However, very dry skin of the hands requires treatment even before the onset of the above symptoms. A simple test will help identify the problem at an early stage. Its essence is as follows: you need to lightly press your finger on the brush, and then abruptly release it. If a stain remains on the surface for some time, this indicates increased dryness of the skin. Treatment aimed at moisturizing should not be postponed.

Cream for very dry skin

There are several types of cosmetics designed for this type of epidermis. These include such products:

  • a nutrient with a dense texture;
  • moisturizing hand cream (has a light, delicate texture);
  • a product with a protective effect that forms a film on the surface of the cover;
  • therapeutic cream, which contains healing substances;
  • anti-aging product (it actively fights the signs of aging).

Before purchasing a hand cream, you need to pay attention to such points:

  1. Product appearance. If the product is factory packed, it is worth looking at its date of manufacture. It is not recommended to purchase the product 3 months before the expiration date.
  2. Compound. Every industrial cosmetic product contains preservatives. It is important that these are safe components (methylparaben or benzoic acid). However, bronopol and methylisothiazolinone are undesirable: they provoke allergies.
  3. Package. Beauticians recommend giving preference to products in tubes. Such a cream is less in contact with air, and it is considered more hygienic.
  4. Storage. If a cosmetic product is displayed in a showcase brightly lit by the sun, it has already lost most of its valuable properties.

When the skin of the hands is very dry – what to do is a natural question. In this case, it is not enough to choose the right cream, it still needs to be used correctly. Do not apply this cosmetic product before going out. Otherwise, in the cold, the components contained here will turn into ice crystals and injure the skin. The following creams will help moisturize your hands:

  • Neutrogena Nerwegian Formula Instant Action;
  • “Double breath” from Faberlik;
  • Absolue Mains by Lancome with UV protection;
  • Water Therapy by Clinique with active water.

Moisturizing hand mask

It can be used as cosmetics of industrial production, as well as a self-made product. However, to achieve the expected result, it is important to alternate moisturizers, otherwise the epidermis will get used to it and will no longer respond properly. A mask for very dry skin of the hands in its composition may have the following components:

  • glycerol;
  • milk;
  • vegetable oils;
  • parsley;
  • potatoes and so on.

Moisturizing hand gloves

This tool has no age restrictions. Its use gives amazing results. The high efficiency of gloves is explained by the natural components present in their composition. Such products for very dry skin of the hands are available in different types. These are the most commonly used:

  • SPA Belle, which contains lavender extract, vitamin E and olive oil;
  • reusable Naomi gloves, where the silicone lining contains a green tea enzyme;
  • Faberlic products, which can be used up to 50 times (the gel is made from plant extracts and vitamin E).

Moisturizing hand baths

moisturizing hand baths

Such procedures can be performed both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. When the skin of the hands is very dry in winter, baths should be done systematically (twice or thrice a week). For preventive purposes, the number of procedures should be reduced to 1 time in 4 weeks. You can do the following baths at home:

  • emollient based on starch;
  • soda with severe dryness of the integument;
  • tea-olive for rough skin;
  • rejuvenating and softening based on oils;
  • milk for rough and dry skin;
  • mineral, which softens the epidermis and accelerates metabolic processes.

Lotion for very dry hands

A special approach is important to the choice of this cosmetic product. Only the lotion, which contains natural substances, can soften very dry skin of the hands. These are vegetable and essential oils, aloe, as well as beekeeping products. However, there are enemy components: artificial flavors and alcohols. Immediately after application of a lotion containing these substances, the skin appears to be healing. However, in the long term, the use of a cosmetic product with these components aggravates the situation. These lotions have proven to be excellent:

  • Protect Hand Lotion, based on tangerine and orange oils;
  • Babe Laboratories Hand Lotion, which contains shea butter and vitamin E;
  • silk lotion “Tender hands”;
  • Lavande by L’OCCITANE and others.

How to restore very dry hand skin?

Salon and home procedures will help to cure the epidermis. The first is biorevitalization. This procedure involves the introduction of hyaluronic acid. As a result, very dry skin of the hands with cracks is rejuvenated, saturated with moisture, and all damage heals. At home, you can do restorative masks, baths, body wraps and other manipulations. For therapeutic purposes, procedures should be carried out systematically.

Revitalizing hand cream

revitalizing hand cream

Such a cosmetic should intensively nourish the tissues and ensure their regeneration. As part of a high-quality regenerating cream, there are protective components that form a thin film on the surface of the epidermis. It protects the cover from negative external factors. These cosmetics are well aware of how to restore dry skin of the hands:

  • “Intensive care” from Garnier with allontoin;
  • Nourishing Hand from Oriflame (based on sweet almond oil);
  • Douceur Des Mains by Payot with almond butter.

Revitalizing hand mask

You can make such a therapeutic composition from vegetable oils, vitamins (A, E), honey and other miracle ingredients. In addition, purchased restorative agents can be used. If the skin of the hands is very dry in winter – what to do in this case? Beauticians recommend:

  1. Review your diet.
  2. Do restorative procedures (masks, baths) twice or thrice a week.
  3. Choose the right cream and use it regularly.

Very dry hand skin – folk remedies

very dry hand skin folk remedies

At home, you can make many different cosmetics that will help soften the cover. So, glycerin can be used from overdried and cracked skin of the hands. In addition, vegetable oil (especially olive oil), yolks, liquid honey, and water are distinguished by a softening effect. All of them can be used in combination or separately.

The recipe for a restorative composition


  • liquid honey – 1 teaspoon;
  • glycerin – 1 teaspoon;
  • starch – 1 teaspoon;
  • water – 3 teaspoons.

Preparation, application

Due to the presence of honey in this composition, it has an amazing effect on the nail plates. The process of preparing a reducing agent looks like this: starch is mixed with glycerin, then the mixture is enriched with honey. Next, gradually introduce water. What to do when the skin of the hands is very dry – apply a mask three times a week. Then the composition should be left for half an hour and washed off.