erysipelas foot treatment at home

Medical statistics claim that 15% of the total population of the Earth are carriers of the bacterium that causes “erysipelas”. However, if you do not provoke an inflammatory process on the skin with a bruise, scratch, or another type of wound, then you may not even know about it. But even in a carrier of the disease, not every wound can cause erysipelas when a person has reliable immunity.

How to treat erysipelas on the leg?

The disease is not common, and if the patient does not experience a sharp rise in temperature and other aggravating symptoms (nausea, convulsions, etc.), then he does not consider it necessary to go to the hospital. The main symptoms are:

  • redness of the leg;
  • feeling of heat;
  • puffiness.

Sometimes, in addition to dryness, burning and redness, watery blisters may appear on the affected area, which, at best, will break through and tighten with a new layer of skin, and at worst, cause further erosion. The effectiveness of treatment often depends on the speed of response to the disease that has arisen.

Erysipelas is the case when even official medicine recognizes the effectiveness of folk remedies. Therefore, a doctor is needed in order to make the correct diagnosis. After all, external manifestations are easily confused with scleroderma, thrombophlebitis, systemic lupus erythematosus. After making sure that this is an “erysipelas”, everyone has the right to decide for himself how to treat erysipelas: medication or folk remedies. In the first case, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ointments, and physiotherapy are prescribed.

How to treat erysipelas of the leg at home with folk remedies?

So, excluding other diseases, you can independently, without delay, begin treatment. After all, the disease can be defeated in 3-5 days.

Old folk recipes claim that the area affected by the “erysipelas” should never be wetted. Perhaps this explains why, after applying various pharmacy ointments, the leg begins to swell even more.

The most popular home remedy for erysipelas is chalk and red cloth. It is necessary to crush the chalk and sprinkle the inflamed area, wrapping it with a red cloth after. It’s that simple. Some prefer, for greater certainty, to read a conspiracy from “faces” over their feet. If you believe it, then why not.

A conspiracy is a conspiracy, but it is better to sprinkle with chalk more often and even mixed with dry grass:

You need to do this up to 4 times a day. If you prepare the ointment at home, then it will be based on honey or natural butter. One of the selected bases must be mixed with a powdered mixture of these herbs, and then spread for no more than half an hour. It is necessary to remove the remnants, but again, without washing off. You can gently blot with a tissue. A mashed burdock leaf gives a good effect, which should be bandaged to the leg for a couple of hours until it dries. Then repeat the procedure with the next, fresh leaf, until the fever and inflammation decrease.