medical piercing secret points

The fashion for piercing various parts of the body has become so widespread only in the last 10 years, but the history of piercing goes back several centuries. Previously, with the help of such jewelry, people determined the social status of a fellow tribesman, paid tribute to the gods, performed rituals, demonstrated masculinity or possession of power. But, what is most interesting, piercing even allowed to treat some diseases and eliminate aesthetic problems.

How can a piercing be healing?

The fact is that there are many biologically active points on the human body, by acting on which you can significantly improve your well-being, brain function, and improve the functioning of the endocrine system. Based on this fact, the technique of manual therapy, acupuncture and acupressure is based. But real professionals are aware that piercing the body in the right area is of great benefit, because the effect on the biologically active zone does not stop as the skin heals or the cartilage grows. The presence of jewelry made of precious metals at such a point provides a permanent effect with increasing results.

What kind of piercing can be considered medical?

First of all, therapy can be achieved if you turn not just to a piercing master, but to a real professional with knowledge of the location of active biological points and methods of influencing them. Moreover, it is necessary to know exactly the problem that needs to be solved, that is, to have a diagnosis and research results with you.

Earrings, rods and other jewelry only made of noble materials have healing properties. Thus, you should choose in advance a product made of gold, silver, platinum, it is possible with inserts of precious or semi-precious stones. In no case should jewelry made of cupronickel, iron, or plastic be inserted into the puncture site. Steel is allowed only for medical purposes and only for a while, until the wound from the piercing heals. After a scar is formed, it is necessary to immediately place a permanent matched earring or barbell in the hole.

Where should the piercing be done?

At the moment, there are several active areas on the human body that can be pierced for a therapeutic effect. We list the most popular.

  1. The area above the upper lip. The points around the mouth reflect the state of the digestive system. This area is responsible for the normal functioning of the stomach and a balanced release of acid, so the piercing above the middle of the upper lip ensures the good functioning of this organ.
  2. The lower part of the earlobe. This traditional puncture zone helps improve memory, activates brain activity and thinking. Moreover, there are several active points on the lobe that allow you to get rid of myopia and myopia.
  3. Lateral part of the ear cartilage. This line is responsible for the healthy condition of the tonsils. Therefore, piercing on the side of one of the ears provides protection against tonsillitis, laryngitis, inflammation and suppuration in the tonsils. Moreover, a puncture at the right point can cure even the chronic forms of these diseases.
  4. Upper ear. In this area of ​​​​the auricle there is a small zone, with the help of which it is possible to bring blood pressure back to normal. medical piercing secret points 2
    Thus, a puncture in the upper part of the cartilage ensures the prevention of hypertension and a decrease in vascular tone. It is also noted that after piercing at this point, the pressure normalizes even in hypotensive patients.


It is worth delaying the piercing if there is an increased body temperature and some chronic diseases have worsened. It is not recommended to make a puncture during the course of any skin diseases. In addition, piercing is undesirable in case of insufficient blood clotting and allergic reactions to anesthetics.