inflamed wen what to do

Wen is a benign tumor that is formed from adipose tissue and forms under the skin. Depending on the location on the human body, this pathology has its own characteristics of the course. A wen can form on any part of the body, but most often on the face, back and neck. This tumor is not life threatening, but can sometimes become inflamed.

What to do if a wen on the face is inflamed?

If the wen on the face is not inflamed, then, except for a cosmetic defect, it does not cause much trouble. But if inflammation occurs, this is a serious reason to seek medical help. With inflammation of the wen on the face, it increases, the skin above it becomes red and aching pain occurs. If at the same time lightly press it, then the pain becomes sharp, and you can feel the presence of fluid in it. What to do in such cases? First, you should consult a doctor. Do not try to get rid of the inflamed wen on your own. It should be removed, but first you need to cure the inflammatory process. It is not difficult to do this.

The best method of dealing with lipoma inflammation are compresses and masks:

  1. The compress can be prepared from garlic and bacon, pre-chopped and put on a cabbage leaf.
  2. A compress of aloe juice or crushed leaves of a golden mustache will be useful.
  3. You can apply a mask made from a mixture of sour cream, salt and honey to an inflamed lipoma on the face.

What to do if a wen on the back is inflamed?

Symptoms of inflammation of the wen on the back are the same as on the face. They are joined by severe pain that occurs due to compression of the back muscles by the lipoma and infringement of the nerve endings. To localize inflammation, the same compresses are used as for the face, but for the back, you can add a compress from onion gruel and a compress based on red pepper.

What to do if a wen on the neck is inflamed?

This is a fairly common phenomenon, which indicates the presence of inflammation in the whole body. An inflamed wen on the neck poses a serious danger to human health. In this case, the use of creams and ointments is contraindicated. This can injure the skin over the wen, and this should not be done in any case. The only right choice would be to remove the lipoma by surgery or laser cauterization.

If the wen is inflamed and hurts, do not ignore or delay the process of removing it. Such an operation is performed in the clinic using local anesthesia and takes 10-15 minutes.