temporary tattoo

In the life of every person there comes a moment when you want to somehow express yourself, emphasize your “I”, experiment with appearance. A tattoo is a great way to express yourself: symbolic, individual, original (in most cases). The only problem is it’s for life!

There is a way out: temporary tattoos – color, black and white

A real tattoo is such a “decorative item” that is done once and for all life. Of course, modern technologies make it possible to remove a tattoo, but such a pleasure is quite expensive, and even after the procedure, some traces may still remain on the skin. If the soul is tormented by vague doubts, a temporary tattoo is a great way to check if you are ready to decorate your body with a pattern on a permanent basis. Externally, temporary tattoos are no different from permanent ones. There is only one significant difference – you can get rid of the temporary “decor” on your own at home as soon as you get tired of it.

Speaking about the benefits of temporary tattoos, there are several main nuances:

  1. Durability – how long a temporary tattoo will last depends on the quality of the material. On average, the service life ranges from a week to a month.
  2. Safety – For tattoos, materials are used that are harmless to the body and do not cause allergic reactions.
  3. Availability Temporary tattoos are much cheaper than permanent ones.
  4. Temporality – this is perhaps the most important advantage. I wanted to – I erased the drawing forever, I wanted – I drew a new one, I wanted – I brought the old one. Complete freedom of action at an affordable price.

Where, what and how is it better to make a temporary tattoo?

Although a temporary tattoo can be done with the help of a friend who knows and knows how to draw, it is best, of course, to seek help from specialists in professional salons. Here they probably know how to draw a temporary tattoo, and how to make the drawing attractive, spectacular and durable.

The most popular materials used for temporary tattoos are:

  1. Henna (red and black) is a natural material. Henna drawings stay on the skin for up to a month without losing their appearance. Henna is natural and completely harmless.
  2. Glitter and special paints that adhere to the skin thanks to harmless, hypoallergenic glue.
  3. The latest cosmetology trend is a temporary tattoo gel marker. In fact – the same eyeliner. The difference is that it stays on the skin for about a month, without fading, without disappearing, without deforming the pattern.

There is another method that everyone has experienced in childhood – translation. Remember, before – the most precious gift in gum? Of course, professional stickers and transfers on the body, which are commonly called “temporary tattoos”, are very different from those that came across in chewing gum (both in quality and in meaning), but the essence is the same!

Temporary tattoo color

If you wish, you can stick pseudo-tattoo on your own at home. As in childhood: soak in water, stick to the right place, wait a bit and carefully remove the base paper. You can buy stickers in any store or salon where there are cosmetic products.

In order for a temporary tattoo to last on the body as long as possible, you should first prepare: clean the area of ​​​​the skin on which the drawing will be applied, carry out the peeling procedure, and do depilation. On exfoliated smooth skin, the pattern not only lies evenly, but also lasts longer.

Of course, as soon as the drawing begins to lose its appearance, it is better to get rid of it, especially if the picture is “stuffed” in the most visible place.