Tattoo on the neck for girls

Today, a tattoo is no longer considered a hallmark of belonging to any social group and is equally common among both men and women. A tattoo on the neck for girls is the most popular place for drawing a picture, since if desired, it can be easily hidden under the hair or, for example, with a scarf.

Tattoo on the back of the neck – barcode

After the broadcast of the movie Hitman, the image in question became a real trend in the field of tattoos. Moreover, the meaning invested in a set of vertical stripes can be very diverse:

  • significant dates;
  • encrypted words, name;
  • protest against the devaluation of human life.

In the latter case, the barcode is a kind of reminder and warning about the mass views of a person as an object of trade, a commodity.

Tattoo on the neck – inscriptions

When choosing a similar pattern, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the correctness of the translation, especially this applies to the tattoo of hieroglyphs on the neck;
  • the absence of an ambiguous subtext of the applied phrase;
  • confidence that the stuffed text will be close to you in the future.

Often girls get tattoos in their youth and do not think too much about how significant the chosen phrase will remain for them in adulthood. Therefore, it is recommended to use as a sketch inscriptions that dictate eternal values ​​- love, friendship, loyalty to principles.

star tattoo on neck

This type of image has different meanings depending on the number of rays.

Thus, the familiar five-pointed star is more common among the punk community as a symbol of enduring youth and freedom from social prejudice. Although some people, not adhering to such views, stuff the pattern as a decoration. It is worth noting that sometimes a five-pointed star is found on the wrist, forearm of military personnel, often in black and white or one color.

The star with four rays, resembling the image of a compass, is considered a symbol of a guidebook and is popular among travelers. It is designed to mentally and spiritually protect a person from any dangers that may arise on the road.

The hexagonal star, as a rule, carries a religious semantic load. They began to apply it relatively recently, since earlier filling the Star of David was perceived as blasphemy and blasphemy.

Crown tattoo on the neck – meaning

The described picture has a lot of meanings:

  • belonging to the ruling dynasty;
  • success, leadership and power;
  • self-control;
  • the divine principle, the memory of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ;
  • immortality;
  • prestige, high social status;
  • fairness and sobriety of views.

In addition to the above things, girls put their own meaning into the crown. That is why it is very important to consult with a tattoo artist before making a final choice. After all, such seemingly insignificant details as the presence of precious stones, bay leaves, roses or a cross, together with the image of a crown, can radically change the semantic meaning of the picture.

Swallow tattoo on the neck

In various cultures, this small bird has long been revered as a sacred creature with otherworldly connections with the gods and the world of the dead. In addition, her image on the body represents the following values:

  • loyalty and devotion to the family;
  • luck, happiness;
  • eternal indestructible love;
  • beauty and elegance;
  • faith in a bright beginning, the future;
  • overcoming difficulties;
  • good news.

The latter meaning is associated with the biblical legend of the ark. According to her, after the global flood, Noah released a swallow every day to find out if an island of land had appeared on Earth. It was this bird that once brought him a small branch of a tree as a sign that God’s wrath against people had passed.