hand tattoo

A tattoo can be considered a radical way to transform your body, because a beautiful inscription or drawing will accompany a person for a very long time, and getting rid of it is very difficult.

Image makers have long agreed that it is very important for charisma that a woman has some masculine traits that become an attractive locomotive for the opposite sex. Tattoos are ideal for this, because even the most feminine tattoo still looks brutal.

If earlier girls tried to imprint certain symbols or images of animals, birds and insects on their bodies, today inscriptions that either express a life position or characterize one of the character traits are becoming more and more popular. However, there are also very touching stories when the name of a loved one becomes an inscription. Undoubtedly, this is not a desperate, but telling step, because everyone knows that the price of tattoo removal in many cases is quite high – a scar remains on the skin.

The inscriptions can be placed on any part of the body, but they will be most noticeable on the wrist or fingers.

Inscriptions for a tattoo on the fingers

The idea of ​​a tattoo on the fingers is very interesting if it is placed on the side of the finger. In this position, she is not conspicuous, and only with an unobtrusive movement can be noticed by others. In this sense, she will say that the owner made the tattoo primarily for himself, and the phrase that it contains has a more intimate meaning than if the inscription was on the back of the hand and opened to the eyes of many people.

Due to the fact that the fingers do not have a large area, the inscription will be small. As a rule, this is one word that either “flirts” with others if they read it, or expresses a meaning that is very important for the owner of the tattoo.

For example, for a tattoo on a finger, the following words are used:

  • “Best”;
  • “Forever”;
  • “family”;
  • “Love”;
  • “Shhh…”

The story with the last point is unique because Rihanna wears this tattoo and it’s a really interesting idea if the person likes to be spoken to in whispers.

There are also words in Russian. For example, some people try to embody their attitude towards their parents in a tattoo. The word “mother” can be found on the fingers of people attached to their relatives, and this is a kind of expression of their love.

The idea is also interesting when one word is placed on the fingers in turn, if these words express the basic life values ​​of a person. Thus, the tattoo becomes a kind of set of rules for a person.

Also, there may be small phrases on the finger, but they are unlikely to be seen by any outsider, because it is not easy to read small print in a hard-to-reach place, especially if the inscription with curlicues does not sound in native, but, for example, in Latin.

Inscriptions for a tattoo on the hand

The inscription is a beautiful tattoo on the hand, because it has not only an attractive design, but also carries a meaning.

Women’s inscriptions for tattoos on the arm can be varied:

  • names like tattoo inscriptions on the hand express that the girl is proud of her name and is rather self-centered, if this is her name, and if this is the name of her lover, then this indicates that she loves him deeply;
  • the philosophical expressions of great thinkers indicate that the girl is prone to serious thought and has a well-established position in life;
  • phrases translated into English will tell others that the girl strives for fashion and for her form is sometimes more important than content;
  • quotes in the original language express that the owner of the tattoo is a versatile person.

As a rule, common phrases are used for tattoos: “Never say never”, “My life – my love”, “Let go” and others.

Sketches of inscriptions for a tattoo on the arm

Sketches for a tattoo can be found in the templates from the master or drawn by yourself. There is a known case when a girl went far from her native places, and in order to somehow bring herself closer to them, she decided to get a tattoo. She chose the phrase, which translates from Latin as “Through thorns to the stars,” and asked her mother to write it in an artistic version. She gave the sketch she sent to the master, who accurately conveyed the image in the tattoo.