leg tattoo

A tattoo on the legs is one of the non-standard types of tattoos. This can become an original and fashionable decoration for a girl, and, first of all, for her own aesthetic pleasure, and not for everyone to see. Tattoos on the leg look very stylish, elegant and sexy at the same time, while they are quite practical, because if desired or if necessary, they can be easily and at any time hidden from prying eyes.

Tattoo on the leg of a girl – inscriptions

Recently, it has become very popular to apply a tattoo on the skin not in the form of some kind of drawing, pattern, but in the form of an inscription. And this is not surprising, because the inscriptions carry a greater semantic load than images, and for many it is important to express their life credo or motto, the prevailing feelings and emotions through tattooing.

Girls who want the meaning of their tattoo to be clear in any of the countries of the world use English. Otherwise, you can type the text in Latin or use hieroglyphs. In this case, the tattoo will attract even more attention with its mysterious meaning. Common languages ​​for tattoo inscriptions are:

  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • German.

Of great importance is the choice of the correct font for the inscription. These can be letters with numerous curls, monograms, various decorations, or an ordinary printed font. You can even choose a font that reflects the character of the owner of the tattoo (mysterious, short, strict, unusual, etc.). It is undesirable to use a very thin and small font, because there is a risk that over time it may blur somewhat, and it will be very difficult to read the words.

Zones for a female tattoo on the leg with an inscription

Without a doubt, women’s legs are one of the most attractive parts of the body for men. Having applied a tattoo on the leg, you definitely will not be left without attention. At the same time, the tattoo inscription will look great on any area – on the thigh, ankle and even the foot.

A suitable area for a leg tattoo is the outer side of the thigh. Here you can place a fairly long phrase and use a large font, making a tattoo longitudinally along the entire length of the thigh. The area of ​​the calf muscle is popular for tattooing on the legs, and the tattoo inscriptions on this area look great both from the back and from the side.

Those who are forced to periodically hide tattoos can get them on the inside of their legs, which will be a very convenient and practical option. It is preferable to apply a miniature tattoo inscription on the ankle, foot or fingers, it will become a wonderful and sophisticated decoration of the leg.

The meaning of the inscription for a tattoo on the leg

For a tattoo on the leg, it is recommended to select short, concise and simple inscriptions containing the meaning that you want to express. It is necessary to accurately determine the phrase or word before applying the inscription with which you intend to live your whole life to the skin. Here are some options for beautiful inscriptions for a tattoo on the leg in various languages ​​​​with translation:

  1. vivi. lotta. Ama (it.) – Live. Fight. Love.
  2. Nessun rimpianto, nessun rimorso (it.) – I do not regret anything.
  3. Everyone has one’s own path (English) – Everyone has their own path.
  4. Je vais au rêve (fr.) – I’m going to my dream.
  5. Forte et tendre (fr.) – Strong and tender.
  6. Chacun est entraîné par sa passion (French) – Everyone is attracted by their own passion.
  7. Abiens, abi (lat.) – When leaving, go away.
  8. Amor omnia vincit (lat.) – Love conquers all.
  9. Obterei tudo o que quero (port.) – I will get everything I want.
  10. Passo a passo até o sonho (port.) – Step by step to the dream.