Sore on the lip

Sores on the lip, mouth, and other parts of the human face can be caused by the herpes virus. More precisely, even so, white sores on the lips are almost certainly caused by the herpes virus. It is surprising that 90% of the world’s population is carriers of this virus, but not all of them have white sores on the lip. Why is this happening? Why are some people lucky and others not?

Where did you come from?!

It’s all about the state of immunity of a particular person. If a person is regularly hardened, leads a healthy lifestyle, then herpes, as a rule, bypasses him. But most often we diligently wrap ourselves up so that, God forbid, it doesn’t slip through, with any manifestations of colds, we kill them in the bud with all kinds of medicines, which significantly weakens our immunity. This also determines the fact that sores on the lips of a child occur as often as in an adult. This means that the appearance of sores on the lower or upper lip is not due to the fact that a person kissed another person who already had such a sore on his lip. This rule is true only 1 time – when a person first becomes infected with herpes. That is, you can get the herpes virus through a kiss only 1 time, in all other cases you will not catch it, since you already have it. And some people are infected with the herpes virus even before birth, as it is able to pass through the placenta. But again, we repeat that many of us are carriers of the virus, but not everyone has sores. For some it happens often, for some it happens rarely, for some it doesn’t happen at all. And the impetus for the appearance of a sore on the lip is almost always a weakening of the immune system. Let’s say you got cold at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, and you didn’t notice it yourself. But all immunity is thrown to eliminate your cooling, no one “follows” herpes, and the next morning a sore appears on the lip. Few people will connect these two facts, they will rather begin to remember who and where they kissed, from whose cup they drank, with whose towel they wiped their face. But, in fact, the reason for the appearance is not so important, most people are not interested in how they got infected, but in how to cure sores on the lips. So let’s take a look at this issue.

How to treat sores on the lip?

The herpes virus is quite resistant to cold. It dies only if the temperature drops below 70 degrees Celsius. But it is susceptible to high temperatures, so, when exposed to infected cells with temperatures above 50 degrees for half an hour, the virus will die. Modern pharmacology offers several types of ointments against sores: acyclovir, herpevir, zovirax, fenistil. All of them affect the ability of the virus to reproduce without affecting healthy cells. Ointments are intended for external use, and relieve sores on the lip in 4-5 days.

If the pain has not yet appeared, How to cure sores on the lipsbut you feel that it is about to appear, then folk remedies will help you.

Since herpes is afraid of high temperatures, you can apply a hot spoon to the place where you think there will be a sore. And do it more often. You won’t beat the herpes virus, but it won’t grow into an ugly white pimple.

You can still rub the sore several times a day with garlic at an early stage. And you can also prepare the ointment yourself. To do this, take honey and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions, and lubricate the sore 2-3 times a day.

There is an opinion that earwax will help get rid of a sore that has just jumped out on the lip, it needs to be rubbed into the sore. You can also try to overcome the sore with toothpaste. Apply a small pea on the sore and leave for a while, but prevent itching or burning, otherwise you can get burned.