shiatsu quick gymnastics for facial rejuvenation

Shiatsu – Japanese quick gymnastics for facial rejuvenation. With the help of simple pressure movements, performed in a clear sequence at certain points, you can significantly increase muscle tone and achieve an excellent lifting effect. And regularly doing such gymnastics, you will be able to smooth out deep skin creases, activate the blood supply to the vessels located very close to the surface of the skin, and improve lymph flow, due to which puffiness will disappear.

Rules for influencing shiatsu points

There are several rules for performing shiatsu gymnastics for facial rejuvenation, which will allow you to get the best possible positive result. These include the following requirements:

  1. When self-massage, only the index and middle fingers should work. In some cases, to increase the effectiveness of this procedure, you can use the palm.
  2. You can not make movements due to which the skin will stretch.
  3. Pressing on all points of shiatsu on the face should be moderate. Only a slight sensation of soreness is acceptable.
  4. When performing any facial shiatsu exercise, hold your finger so that the pad is perpendicular to the point of impact.
  5. You need to act on each point for 5-7 seconds.

shiatsu points on the face

Shiatsu technique

The result of shiatsu gymnastics for the face largely depends on how accurately the sequence of pressing was observed. There is only one complex impact scheme in which this Japanese massage is considered the most effective:

  1. With the index and middle fingers of both hands, press on the center of the forehead. Slightly move your fingers to the temples and press the skin harder. Repeat the movement until the fingers are on the temples.
  2. Put your fingers in the middle of the eyebrow and press lightly.
  3. Move your fingers to the bridge of your nose and gently press on the skin.
  4. Work out the vertical wrinkle located on the bridge of the nose, pressing on it simultaneously with two index fingers.
  5. Release tension from the muscles of the eye by placing your fingers on the eyelid.
  6. Work the area under the eyes with light pressure with two index fingers.
  7. Shiatsu gymnastics for the face

  8. Move your fingers to the area under the cheekbone and press with your index fingers on the wings of the nose.
  9. Treat the center points above the upper and below the lower lip.
  10. Massage your chin by moving your fingers slowly.

It is best to finish the facial shiatsu massage by pressing on the points behind the ears and under the lobes. You need to carry out this procedure before going to bed. So the skin will completely relax, and swelling will not appear in the morning. If you want to do shiatsu exercises not only for facial rejuvenation, but also for oval correction, the pressure on the points should be increased.