red shadows

Red shadows are a new trend that is becoming more and more popular every day. But this color is one of the most difficult shadows in the palette. If you choose the wrong shade or apply it illiterately, such shadows will give the eyes a painful look.

How to choose the right red shadow?

To prevent the eyes from looking tired and tearful, it is best to use these red eyeshadows for makeup:

  • De Klie shade 3.2 – this warm shade of burgundy will perfectly emphasize the golden pigment of brown eyes;
  • ETUDE HOUSE Look At My Eyes shade PK003 – these red shadows are ideal for brown and hazel-green eyes;
  • Atelier Paris Pastel, No. 19 red fire – such a red shade, slightly fading into purple, blends beautifully with green eyes;
  • NYX, No. 07, Hot Red – these are red shadows that go a little orange, they increase the intensity of blue eyes;
  • Atelier, PR068R – matte shadows, which, thanks to the content of special pigments, are easy to apply and are ideal for contrasting stage make-up.

Rules for using red shadows

If you want to make beautiful eye makeup with red shadows:

  1. Make sure that after applying them, the color borders are very well shaded. You should create a haze effect. Shadows can be distributed throughout the eyelid, and only at the outer corners of the eyes. You can emphasize their beauty by adding black eyeliner, which should fill the space between the eyelashes.
  2. Never use red eye shadow for graphic eye makeup. It is also worth abandoning them for those who have fair skin, as they will emphasize her pallor. But this effect can be avoided. To do this, you need to do makeup with red shadows and blush or focus on bright lips.
  3. Do not use these shades if you are tired or have not slept well. They will only accentuate the resulting redness of the eyes.