red lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes

Lipstick is the most important element of makeup, the choice of which determines the overall image of a woman, how she will look in the eyes of others. Therefore, in the matter of choosing a lipstick, one cannot make a mistake, and this especially applies to the choice of its tone. As you know, the main guidelines when choosing lipstick are the color of the hair and eyes, which, together with the skin tone, determine the color type of the appearance. Consider how to choose the right red lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes.

Do brunettes wear red lipstick?

Red lipstick is considered a symbol of feminine beauty and sexuality and is suitable for all women, however, subject to the right choice of its shade. Natural brunettes with brown eyes by nature have a bright, expressive appearance, and red lipstick in this case will blend harmoniously and perfectly emphasize attractive features. Lips that have a clear contour outline will look especially good with red lipstick.

Red lipstick shades for brunettes

Red lipstick is always available in the palette of any cosmetic line that produces decorative cosmetics, so the choice of shades is quite wide. Therefore, it is not difficult to make a mistake here, which threatens with an inaccurate image, adding extra years to the age, distorting facial features, etc.

Brunettes should immediately exclude mother-of-pearl lipsticks, which can look old-fashioned and focus on lip defects, if any. But with glossy and matte tones, you can safely experiment, and in the evening you can also use lipsticks with glosses, reflective particles.

Also, dark-haired beauties should abandon pale tones close to pastel: they are able to turn a spectacular appearance into an inexpressive, faded image. More acceptable in this case are bright, saturated shades, dark noble colors.

Brunettes with brown eyes, whose hair color is close to jet black, blue-black, can choose ruby ​​red, pinkish red, juicy raspberry, plum, dark red deep lipstick tones. If the hair color has a chestnut tint, it is better to pay attention to coral, raspberry, not very bright shades of red lipstick. The shade of burgundy is perfect for mature brunette ladies.

Fair-skinned women with dark hair and brown eyes can use red lipstick with a hint of brown or brick in makeup, and for swarthy brunettes, it is better if red lipstick has a sheen.