nude manicure

Nude manicure is a nail design made in shades of nude (nude). These shades are soft, muted, as close as possible to existing natural colors, and in manicure they mean tones that are close to the color of the skin and nail plates, namely:

  • beige;
  • bodily;
  • lactic;
  • sand;
  • soft peach;
  • light pink;
  • light brown;
  • light golden;
  • color of coffee with milk, etc.

Nude manicure looks great on short nails, it emphasizes the natural beauty of the fingers, without spoiling it, as is the case when using dark and bright varnishes, which can give the nails a sloppy look and visually shorten the fingers. Nude manicure can be both matte and glossy, as well as mother-of-pearl.

Features of nude manicure

Nude manicure is a universal option for women of any age, appropriate always and everywhere: at the workplace, at an educational institution, at business meetings, in the gym, on vacation, celebrations, parties, etc. In addition, wearing a nude manicure, you can absolutely not “bother” about choosing a general style of clothing and matching the color scheme of the wardrobe to it, which makes it possible to safely change images even during the day.

In addition, this type of nail design is characterized by the following advantages:

  • practicality (scuffs and even small chips will be almost invisible, and also with prolonged wear, the overgrown base of the nail will be hardly noticeable);
  • ease of implementation and care (easy to do yourself at home);
  • visual lengthening of nails and fingers.

But when choosing this manicure option, you should also take into account several nuances:

  1. Design in natural shades requires maintaining the beauty and well-groomed skin of the hands.
  2. Nude manicure does not look very advantageous with very long, and especially pointed nails.
  3. Despite the versatility of such a manicure, it is advisable to combine it with makeup in a similar style, i.e. do not use excessively bright, saturated shades.
  4. When choosing a shade of varnish for a nude manicure, it is better to choose a color that is a couple of tones different from the natural skin tone of the hands.

How to decorate a nude manicure?

Sometimes a nude manicure can seem too calm and even boring, so in some cases, from time to time it can be supplemented with various decorative elements and patterns. Nude manicure options can actually be countless – it all depends on the imagination and individual preferences. We will look at some simple, popular and trendy nude manicure ideas that are not only easy to replicate, but can also lead to new design solutions.

Nude manicure with rhinestones

This option with a touch of luxury can be a great addition to a festive outfit, but it is also quite suitable for diversifying a casual look. But still, the following must be taken into account here: if this is a solemn occasion, then rhinestones can be present on all fingers, but if we are talking about everyday manicure, then it is better to decorate only one or two fingers on the hand with rhinestones.

Nude moon manicure

This design is performed using a technique opposite to French manicure. This requires special stencils that allow you to create “crescents” at the base of the nails. There are also many options for its execution, but the most common one involves the use of two nude tones (“crescent” becomes lighter).

Nude ombre manicure

Ombre, or gradient manicure, involves a combination of several shades of nude with a smooth flow from one to another. The classic options are vertical and horizontal ombre, when the color transition is carried out within one nail. But you can experiment and carry out the “flow” of shades from the thumbnail to the little finger.