nourishing face cream for the winter

Winter is a difficult time for the body. Nutrients and vitamins are scarce. Aggravate all difficult weather conditions, temperature changes. It is especially difficult for the skin. To protect her from all sorts of problems for the winter, you need to stock up on a nourishing face cream. Only this tool will help protect the epidermis from drying out, prevent the appearance of wounds and microcracks, and relieve redness.

Features of a nourishing face cream for the winter?

The so-called winter creams contain more vitamins in their composition. They are fatter and thicker. But this is exactly what the skin needs in the cold season.

To be sure of what you are buying, carefully read the composition of the product. A truly effective face cream for the winter will be if it contains:

  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin A;
  • petrolatum;
  • extracts of medicinal plants (such as calendula, chamomile or green tea);
  • vegetable oils of natural origin: shea, jojoba, avocado.

You should not choose between moisturizing or nourishing winter face cream. Ideally, you need to take both products: moisturizing – for the night, and nutritious – for the day. This will provide complete protection. And even in the most severe frosts, your skin will look fresh, blooming, soft and tender.

Among other things, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. If your cream is water-based, apply it to your skin no later than an hour before going out into the cold air. And when the temperature drops significantly, it is better to replace it with a product based on natural oils.
  2. In winter, it is not recommended to wash your face with water. Even the best nourishing winter face creams will be difficult to soften the skin after such procedures. It is much safer to wipe the epidermis with green tea.
  3. “Heavy” products are effective in the cold, but it is still better to wash them off at home.
  4. Humidification of the air in the rooms where you spend the most time will help to increase the effectiveness of the cream.

Which nourishing face cream is better to use in winter?

Good products are produced by many companies:

  1. Cream LL Generation Anne Marie B’orlind – one of the most famous representatives of eco-cosmetics. This brand is based on natural oils. A special winter cream perfectly restores water balance in overdried skin, protects the epidermis from the negative effects of external factors. The product contains UV filters, so you can use it on sunny frosty days.
  2. A good cream with the addition of herbs and flowers is available from Isvara Organics. It suits absolutely all skin types. The tool works very well. Thanks to the citrus fruits contained in its composition, collagen begins to be produced in the body, the skin becomes softer and smoother, the aging process slows down in it, and blood circulation increases.
  3. Relatively inexpensive nourishing winter face cream – Madre Magic. It has a moisturizing effect. It can be used by owners of different skin types at any age. which face cream is better in winter nourishingThe product smells very pleasant and boasts an unusual texture that melts in the hands. Its main drawback is that the cream is absorbed for too long.
  4. Vichy Nutrilogie 1 is made on the basis of glycerin, vitamin E and thermal water and acts very gently.
  5. In the cream Yves Rocher Culture Bio contains mainly natural substances, thanks to which lipids are synthesized, dehydration is prevented, tissues soften.
  6. Very often adults use baby cream Weleda with calendula. It is ideal for especially sensitive skin. The product contains no water.