peeling fingernails causes and treatment

Smooth, even and beautiful nails are a sign of well-groomed, as well as good health. Not necessarily a manicure should be bright and fashionable, the main thing is that the nail plates are clean and tidy. And when they exfoliate, they don’t look very good. To get rid of such a nuisance, it is necessary to understand its origins and solutions.

Why do fingernails peel off?

Perhaps everyone has encountered an unpleasant situation when the nails on the hands exfoliate – the reasons come from the general state of health. To begin with, the problem should be sought in metabolic processes. The body does not receive the necessary nutrients. Water and chemical detergents, their frequent use also have a negative effect. In addition, if the nails on the hands exfoliate, the causes and treatment may affect the internal organs.

Why do fingernails break and exfoliate?

The nail plate is a set of thin stratum corneum held together by keratin. Water gives shine and elasticity. The plates also contain calcium, zinc, sulfur, chromium. Dehydration of nails and a lack of trace elements is a consequence of the formation of small gaps and cracks. As a result, the nails exfoliate and break – the causes and treatment are different, but the result is the same: the hands acquire an absolutely unpresentable appearance.

In the pursuit of harmony, many exclude fats from their diet or reduce them to a minimum amount. This is absolutely wrong from a health point of view. After all, fats contribute to elasticity. If the body does not receive them, then delamination and fragility of the nail plates are inevitable. For the sake of healthy and beautiful nails, provide your body with the necessary amount of fat. It is only about what is beneficial to the body.

why do fingernails break and peel

Why are the nails exfoliating in the corners on the hands?

The problem is extremely annoying, but fixable. To begin treatment, it is necessary to understand why the nails on the hands exfoliate, the reasons are ambiguous and varied:

  1. The lack of trace elements and vitamins leads to unpleasant consequences. Hair, skin and nails lose their healthy appearance.
  2. As mentioned above, constant contact with chemicals and water negatively affects the nail plate, softens it, after which it begins to exfoliate. Eliminating this cause is easy. Just use rubber gloves.
  3. Have a negative impact on the nails and low-quality varnishes, improper cutting, the use of metal files. Manicure tools are also made from other materials. It is better to entrust this matter to a professional. Under the color coating should use a special base.
  4. The next reason is related to injury to the nail. This can occur in the course of professional activities, as regards musicians or people in working professions. This also includes the usual tapping on the keyboard. It is better to choose it with low keys. Mechanical deformation occurs and if you bite your nails, scrape them, use them as a screwdriver or opener.
  5. An unstable psychological state can ruin the condition of the nails. Stress is one of the main enemies of our appearance.
  6. Foliation of nails occurs against the background of various diseases: skin (eczema, red lichen, psoriasis, fungus), liver, gastrointestinal tract, etc.
  7. During periods of hormonal changes, the problem is also inevitable. It may also appear in pregnant women, when the substances received by the body are divided into two.

Exfoliate nails – treatment

exfoliate nails treatment

If the nails on the hands exfoliate, treatment should begin with an examination. First, rule out health problems. A doctor and a set of necessary tests will help here. After making sure that the internal organs are working properly, there are no skin diseases, and the psychological state is normal, proceed to the next step: review your diet. It must be balanced. The doctor may also recommend a vitamin and mineral complex.

How to treat exfoliating nails?

Before treating fingernails, if they exfoliate, you should contact a professional manicure master. There are modern methods of treatment. Nail service specialists can offer you a modern procedure – “sealing”. In this case, means are used, which include vitamin-mineral complexes. They moisturize the nail plate, prevent it from drying out and delamination. The duration of the effect is about 3 months.

Another option is gel reinforcement. Gel nails can also be extended. For this, a biogel with proteins is used, which helps to strengthen the nail plate. In the salons, you will also be offered other beauty treatments: paraffin therapy, firming masks, baths and massages. All this has an excellent strengthening effect.

Treatment of exfoliating nails at home

If necessary, you can do without salon procedures. When the nails on the hands exfoliate, treatment at home is quite possible. A wide range of care products from expensive to accessible to everyone is presented in stores. This is where hand tools can help. For example, cottage cheese and sour cream, banana masks, clay masks made from olive oil with carrots and lemon juice have a good firming effect. For medical care, you must purchase:

peeling nails treatment at home

Baths for exfoliating nails at home

Medicinal baths are also good for strengthening. For a positive effect, the main thing here is systematic. You have to be patient and make time for this. Procedures should be carried out regularly, do not start this process. There are many old recipes that help to cope with a difficult problem. When the nails exfoliate and break, treatment should not be postponed. Most of the necessary tools for this can be found in every home:

  1. One of the most famous baths: hold your hands in water with sea salt for a while. Repeat the procedure every other day.
  2. Vegetable oil + apple cider vinegar + vitamin A – this bath should be used daily for 15 minutes.
  3. You can mix warm beer with apple juice. Lower your arms for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Vegetable oil and a couple of drops of iodine for 15 minutes a day will make nails strong, smooth and shiny.
  5. Berry juice – cranberry or currant – also has an excellent effect on the nail plate.
  6. The effect of ordinary table salt is also good. In combination with iodine, lemon juice and water, it will perfectly strengthen your nails.