gel powder for nails

Gel-powder for nails is a unique product that allows you to quickly and efficiently grow nails. This is a combination of base gel and gel powder that does not have a strong chemical smell. With it, you can make nails that look flawless and have a dazzling shine.

Advantage of gel powder

The most popular gel nail powder is SNS (Signature Nail Systems). The choice of colors in the line of this brand is incredibly wide. In addition, such a gel powder can create a coating for nails, which:

  • excludes the occurrence of fungus;
  • water-resistant and unsurpassed durability;
  • chip and scratch resistant.

This cosmetic product is hypoallergenic, as it contains only organic components, vitamins and calcium. This allows it to be used even by pregnant women. With the help of gel powder, you can also strengthen nails. It retains the plasticity and natural thickness of natural nails, so they grow much better and become stronger.

How to build nails with gel powder?

To perform gel-powder nail extension, you should:

  1. Shape the nail.
  2. Remove gloss and degrease the nail.
  3. Apply EA Bond liquid.
  4. Apply Gel Base to the entire nail plate.
  5. Dip your finger in the gel powder, shake it off and repeat this movement 3-4 times.
  6. Apply Sealer.
  7. Make it washed down with a buff and apply the Sealer again.
  8. Cover the nail with Gel Top 2 times.
  9. Allow the resulting coating to dry for 5 minutes.

These 9 quick steps will get you perfect coverage in just 20-30 minutes! It will last over 4 weeks. In this case, it is not necessary to use an ultraviolet lamp for its application. Gel powder is also applied to tips. Therefore, the nail can be made of any desired length.