mineral powder for problem skin brand

The presence of various defects and inflammations on the face, of course, needs to be treated. But a woman always needs to look great, so rashes should also be masked. High-quality mineral powder for problem skin can cope with both tasks – the brands of such cosmetics are so numerous that it is sometimes difficult to make a final choice.

What mineral powder to buy for problem skin?

Before purchasing a product, you should read the composition of the powder very carefully. It must contain at least 3 triple-ground minerals, for example, zinc, clay, carbon.

The main thing is the components that cosmetics for problem skin should not contain:

  • bismuth oxide;
  • talc;
  • titanium dioxide.

Good compact mineral powder for problem skin

The described variety of products is conveniently applied, such a powder can be carried with you in your purse and touch up makeup at the right time.

Quality brands:

  1. BareMinerals READY. In addition to effective masking and drying of inflamed elements, the powder protects against ultraviolet radiation and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral. The product contains not only minerals, but also a vitamin complex. It also contains salicylic acid, which helps fight acne.
  3. Cover FX Pressed Mineral. The powder is evenly and easily applied without the effect of a mask. Vitamins, green tea extract and antioxidants take care of skin health and keep it young.

Other good tools:

  • Laura Mercier;
  • Shiseido Pureness;
  • Green Mom;
  • Benefit Hello Flawless;
  • Estee Lauder;
  • Bobby Brown
  • Sephora;
  • Clinique.

Mineral loose powder for problem skin

It is believed that the considered form of powder release is best suited for owners of problem skin, since the loose structure clogs pores less and has the lowest comedogenicity.

Among such tools, you can pay attention to such powders:

  1. Maybelline Pure Mineral Power. The product does not contain any harmful or dangerous ingredients, it consists exclusively of the most crushed minerals.
  2. BareMinerals Original. Cosmetics perfectly adapts to the intensity of the sebaceous glands, absorbing excess secretion and keeping the skin matte and smooth for 10-15 hours.
  3. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral. This transparent powder controls the fat content of the face well, dries up inflammation, even good mineral powder for problem skinpustules, reduces the severity of redness, relieves irritation.

Some more good products:

  • Vichy Mineral;
  • Chanel Universelle Libre;
  • PUPA;
  • L’Oreal Alliance Perfect;
  • basic mineral;
  • freshMinerals Loose;
  • The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals;
  • Magic Minerals Treat Skin.