eyelash growth products in pharmacies

It’s no secret that beautiful long eyelashes give femininity. Often stress, decorative cosmetics and the negative impact of the environment do not have the best effect on their condition. This is where eyelash growth products sold in pharmacies come to the rescue.

Features of the choice of drugs for eyelash growth

You should pay attention to the fact that you should buy such cosmetics only in pharmaceutical markets, otherwise unverified and unlicensed drops and gels may not have the best effect on eye health, as they often contain harmful components. This can cause allergic reactions.

Effective means for eyelash growth in pharmacies

So, there are not so many proven and really effective pharmaceutical products for strengthening and growing eyelashes in a convenient package.


The name speaks for itself. The drug contains the most important element that forms the hair starting from the follicle. This is an inexpensive tool, but it is available for purchase in almost every pharmacy in the CIS.

Lipocilsgel Talika

The drug is available in a small cute case with a lid-brush. It is very convenient to apply liquid to the roots of the eyelashes. Perfect as a base for mascara and promotes more even application, preventing sticking. The substance does not irritate the eyes and does not cause any inconvenience.

Careprost (Careprost)

The drug, licensed in America, was previously used as retinal vitamins. Eyelash growth is its so-called side effect. Soon, its intended purpose began to spread purely to the hair follicle. Careprost is available in a package in the form of a tube with transparent drops, which are applied without fail to the roots of the eyelashes.


A tool that is produced in Austria and its main direction is to stimulate the awakening of dormant eyelash bulbs. This effect gives effective remedy for eyelash growth in pharmaciesprostaglandin substance. Eyelashes become thicker, longer, and hairs become noticeably thicker.

Castor oil

The most inexpensive eyelash growth product available in the pharmacy, and frankly, a little outdated. In addition to the fact that the growth effect is noticeable no earlier than after a month of use, the oil film also creates terrible discomfort. Therefore, you can apply it only at night before bedtime.

It is not a problem to buy a good eyelash growth agent in a pharmacy today. The main thing is that it fits perfectly and does not cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, the first thing after the acquisition, it is important to conduct an allergy test by applying a drop of the substance behind the ear or on the crook of the arm.