Masks for wrinkles around the eyes

For most of the fair sex, the first wrinkles appear on the skin around the eyes. In the people they are also called “crow’s feet”. Naturally, there is nothing terrible in this natural phenomenon, but absolutely every woman strives to ensure that the signs of skin aging appear on her face as late as possible.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. The epidermal layer in this area of ​​​​the face reaches a thickness of only half a millimeter in size. Also, there are practically no sebaceous glands and muscles around the eyes. These physiological features lead to the fact that the skin around the eyes fades faster, dark circles and wrinkles appear.

To avoid the early appearance of signs of aging or to make them less noticeable to others, it is necessary to provide quality care for the skin around the eyes. In this article, we will talk about recipes for eye masks for wrinkles. A mask for wrinkles or circles under the eyes can be made independently at home or purchased at the store. But, as practice shows, in order to achieve the maximum positive effect, folk and traditional methods should be combined.

Homemade eye masks

The main advantage of homemade masks for wrinkles around the eyes is that they are prepared by our own hands and we can always be sure of the quality of the ingredients. Homemade mask recipes:

  1. Parsley homemade mask for wrinkles under the eyes. 1 small bunch of parsley must be finely chopped and ground with 1 tablespoon of sour cream. The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin around the eyes and washed off with warm water after 20 minutes. Parsley mask nourishes the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles.Eye masks for wrinkles
  2. Homemade eye mask for wrinkles from grapes. The method of preparation is simple: a few grape berries should be crushed, and the juice should be applied to the area around the eyes with a cotton swab. After 20 minutes, you can wash off, or you can apply juice and leave overnight. Thus, the skin around the eyes receives natural nutrition, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  3. Homemade honey eye mask for wrinkles. 1 teaspoon of honey should be mixed with the yolk, add a few drops of olive oil to them and apply the resulting mixture to the skin around the eyes. After 30 minutes, the mask should be washed off with warm water.
  4. Infusion of medicinal herbs from wrinkles under the eyes. Mix 1 teaspoon – dried linden, chamomile, calendula and cornflower, and pour them with 3 cups of boiling water. After half an hour, make compresses for the eye area from the infusion. You can repeat daily at night. This remedy relieves puffiness, swelling and nourishes the skin.

Masks for wrinkles around the eyes

In modern stores, every woman can buy various eye masks. New items regularly appear on the shelves, but before purchasing a product, you should consult a cosmetologist. The first thing that every specialist will recommend is to use only creams with the appropriate mark for the eye area. Ordinary face masks should not be applied to the skin around the eyes.

Depending on what effect you expect from a cosmetic product, you can buy an eye mask for edema, a mask for wrinkles around the eyes, or any other product in stores. ButGel eye masks absolutely any mask should be designed specifically for the area around the eyes.

One of the latest developments of modern pharmacists is gel masks for the eye area. The uniqueness of these products is that thanks to the filler – gel, the mask quickly removes puffiness around the eyes, removes bags and bruises. Also, the mask can relieve headaches and fatigue.

Before use, the mask should be put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, after which it can be put on the eye area. The cooling gel eye mask helps relieve bruise pain, toothache and gives the eyes a chance to rest after a long day of work. Gel mask is considered the best remedy for bags, bruises and circles under the eyes.