Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

The right choice of makeup is the key to the success of the image of any woman. Of course, not all of the fair sex are guided by certain rules. Most just rely on intuition. In fact, there are certain rules of make-up. It is important to understand that makeup for brunettes with brown eyes on blue-eyed girls, brown-haired women and blondes will not look perfect.

What makeup suits brunettes with brown eyes?

Most makeup artists of brown-eyed brunettes simply idolize. The owners of such an appearance for professionals – an endless scope for a flight of fancy. A distinctive feature of such ladies is a piercing look. That is why it is highly recommended to make the main emphasis in makeup on the eyes. Ideal shadows for dark-eyed brunettes:

  • golden;
  • brown;
  • black;
  • silvery;
  • blue;
  • lilac.

Watch any video tutorial for brunettes with brown eyes and make sure that black eyeliner is a mandatory component of the look. You can apply it with a regular pencil or liquid. The line should be drawn strictly near the lash line.

Everyday makeup for brown-eyed brunettes should be natural and discreet. Thinking otherwise, many ladies make a serious mistake. Without fail, attention must be paid to the skin – it must be in perfect condition. Since the face of brunettes is conspicuous, you can even notice the slightest flaws with the naked eye.

Day makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

The daytime look of a brown-eyed brunette should be fresh. To achieve this effect, loose powder of a natural shade and a special cream fluid will help. It is not necessary to emphasize the eyebrows, but giving them the correct shape is necessary. Lips are best done with soft pink.

Golden shadows are perfect for every day. It is recommended to apply them on the inner corner of the eye. The outer should be painted with shadows of a darker shade. All transitions must be carefully and accurately shaded.

Evening makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

For evening makeup, a clear study of the eyebrow line will be required – they should be darker. If desired, you can even treat them with sparkles. Contrasting shades are ideal – pink, purple, bronze and blue. Dark shades are used for the so-called smoky eyes.

Lips are allowed to make up with a catchy red or even plum shade.