Lip shape and character

Remember the heroine of one famous literary work, which determined the character of a person by his ears? Here, however, the situation is somewhat different and you may be surprised, but there really is a connection between the shape of the lips and the character. No, of course, if a girl corrects the shape of her lips with cosmetics, you should not expect her character to change either. But according to the shape of the lips, given by nature, it is possible to determine how some features of behavior, as well as some traits of a person’s character.

plump lips

Determining the character of a person by the lips, let’s start with the owners of the lips with a bow. The carriers of such lips usually have increased sensuality. Perhaps that is why women’s plump lips are so attractive to men. And the owners of full lips are very fond of the world revolving around them, but at the same time they manage to remain sincere and do not lose the ability to empathize with others. Also, for a girl with plump lips, it will not be a problem to express her emotions. Such women are able to rush into love affairs with the same passion, give themselves to their favorite work or motherhood.

Thin lips

Thin, narrow lips usually give out the heavy character of their owner. Women with such lips are usually not inclined to succumb to emotions, for this they have too strong a will. Often such people are closed, restrained in emotions, but you cannot refuse them independence and the ability to achieve their own. Such women often make excellent careerists, because they know how to achieve their goals by any means.

Full lower lip

People with a lower lip that is fuller than the upper lip are often selfish and proud. This comes from their desire to get the most out of life, no matter what it concerns love relationships, food or hobbies. It is important for such people to be the first in everything, sometimes it is difficult to communicate with them because they consider their point of view to be the only true one. And therefore, to negotiate something with such people is a real punishment, unless of course you immediately give up and take their opinion as an axiom.

Full upper lip

People with a full upper lip are distinguished by their determination, they are able to go to the set boundaries, even when it seems that there is no such possibility. They have their own point of view and consider it correct, but they are able to listen to the interlocutor. True, if you can hurt them “to the quick”, then you risk acquiring an enemy for the rest of your life. Women with such lips are distinguished by their innate ability to flirt and coquetry, so men never bypass them with their attention.

Raised lips

Looking at a girl with raised corners of her mouth, one involuntarily wants to smile back. Therefore, the owners of such lips are never deprived of the love and sympathy of others. They are easy to communicate, and the character is often friendly and open. Determine the character by the shape of the lipsThere are quite a few fans, so such girls rather have to fend off obsessive boyfriends than lure them online.

Downturned corners of the lips

The lowered corners of the lips make others think about the unsociableness, unsociableness of the girl, and therefore everything is not always smooth with the fans. Yes, and it is difficult for such people to communicate, perhaps that is why, having found a friend, a like-minded person, they will cherish him by all rights and wrongs.

Well, you also need to pay attention to the line of the lips and how soft they are. The owners of well-defined lips, and even if they are elastic and hard, are most likely carriers of a decisive character, the ability to keep their emotions under control and an unbending will. But people with smooth lines of the mouth and with soft lips and by nature are kind, soft, impressionable and spontaneous.