laser tattoo removal

Who has not dreamed of getting a tattoo at the age of 15-18? For teenagers, this is one of the means of attracting attention to themselves, increasing their authority or expressing their individuality. But years later, some of them (about ¼) have a desire to get rid of this work of art on their skin. This happens for various reasons:

  • the existing image loses its relevance or just gets bored;
  • poor workmanship;
  • sagging or damage to the skin at the location of the pattern;
  • by necessity due to work, the requirements of relatives or the “second half”.

Previously, tattoos were removed by damaging the area of ​​skin with a pattern in various ways (mechanically or chemically), but scars always remained or it was very painful. The most effective of the modern means of getting rid of tattoos is laser removal.

How are laser tattoos removed?

There is a special procedure that helps to remove a tattoo with a laser without further consequences:

  1. A test is carried out on the skin area to determine the most effective laser and for the presence of sensitivity to its activity.
  2. Carrying out the procedure itself, the duration of which depends on the area. If necessary, and more at the request of the client, local anesthesia can be used.
  3. Maintaining a special post-procedural regimen.

Many are interested in: does it hurt to remove a tattoo with a laser? No, it doesn’t hurt, since its beam acts on the paint molecules and destroys their bonds, then these microparticles enter the lymphatic system and are excreted naturally. To get rid of the color, you may need several sessions (maximum 10), which are carried out with an interval of 30 days.

Before the procedure, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications to it:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncology, blood diseases, the presence of herpes (in the area of ​​application) and diabetes;
  • taking tetracycline antibiotics;
  • tan obtained in the last 2 weeks before the procedure;
  • colds and flu in an acute form.

Laser Machines for Tattoo Removal

In beauty salons you can find various devices for this procedure:

  1. ruby laser Veta 2Star German company Asclepion – is able to display color drawings on the skin, made using professional and home-made paints.
  2. neodymium laser Q-switch – it has 2 nozzles with different wavelengths (532 nm and 1064 nm), which change depending on the color of the tattoo. There are no traces left on the treated area, not even a white spot.
  3. diode laser Lumenis LightSheer – acts like a burn, so white skin remains after the procedure.

Tattoo care after laser removal

In place of the former tattoo, after laser treatment, a crust appears, which in no case should be torn off. Within a few days, healing occurs, and she herself disappears.

For the next two weeks after laser tattoo removal, you must:

    laser tattoo removal

  1. Avoid sunbathing and apply sunscreen when out in the sun.
  2. If necessary (if inflammation appears), take antibiotics, but not from the tetracycline series.
  3. Do not visit the sauna.
  4. Treat the wound with healing creams, but do not apply alcohol solutions.
  5. In case of manifestations of allergies (swelling, rash, redness), take antihistamines.

Having decided to get rid of a tattoo that has become unnecessary, you should not turn to underground masters, but should go to a beauty salon, where modern good quality devices are used and all sanitary requirements will be met.