japanese manicure

The constant change of varnish coatings and the regular treatment of nails with aggressive liquids to remove the design often leads to severe damage. The plates begin to delaminate and break, become dull and brittle. To restore them, a special sparing procedure was developed, in which only natural remedies are used.

Japanese medical manicure

A unique oriental nail care is a set of measures aimed at improving the matrix, deep moisturizing the plates, and saturating them with nutrients. Japanese eco-manicure must be performed once a month, in total 4-6 sessions will be required. After a full course, natural nails will gain shine, density and strength.

What do you need for a Japanese manicure?

In a professional salon, the procedure in question takes about 90 minutes, because many special products are used during nail work. It is better to immediately purchase a ready-made kit for Japanese manicure, containing all the necessary tools and remedies. There are 2 types of kits that are popular among masters and clients. You can make a high-quality Japanese manicure using any of the following sets:

  • Masura (Moscow);
  • P.Shine (Tokyo).

What tools are needed for manicure – a complete list

What tools are needed for a manicure full list

When processing the nail plates in the described way, cutting and abrasive objects are not required. All the necessary tools are made on the basis of natural raw materials, which ensures the most gentle care:

  1. Nail file for Japanese manicure on a wooden base with mineral spraying. This device is made from light and flexible balsa branches.
  2. Intelligent polishing block. The buff should be soft, with different roughness on the edges.
  3. Wooden sticks for processing cuticles. They are made from orange branches.
  4. Polishing block kichin. This item is made in the form of a roller with a handle. The lower part is covered with soft and thin, well-dressed calfskin.
  5. Atsui bags. Dried flowers, sea salt and balls with essential oils are wrapped in natural silk fabric. Japanese manicure ends with a massage using these pouches.
  6. Oil burner. It creates a cozy atmosphere, helps to relax and find inner harmony. Additionally, the lamp is used to heat silk bags.
  7. Expendable materials. A standard set for working with nails – towels, soft cloths, cotton pads and sticks.

Means for Japanese manicure

The main feature of the presented procedure is the natural and valuable composition of medicinal preparations. Products without which a high-quality Japanese manicure cannot be obtained – powder, paste (Lassara is an erroneous name, confused with the name of the Masura brand). They contain:

  • beeswax;
  • vitamin A;
  • complex of minerals;
  • pearl crumb;
  • keratin.

At the final stages of Japanese manicure, the paste penetrates into the deep layers of the nail matrix, restoring its structure, filling in the smallest cracks and damage. The powder serves as a kind of fixative, it seals the healing components in the horny cells, additionally gives a glossy shine and polishes the surface to smoothness.

Before performing Japanese manicure at home or in the salon, you need to prepare a few more tools:

  • antiseptic;
  • degreaser;
  • special liquids for softening, moisturizing and removing the cuticle;
  • “royal pearls” for the bath;
  • scrub gel;
  • cuticle oil;
  • treatment coating (choose from products according to the degree of damage and the condition of the nails).

How to do Japanese manicure at home?

The described event refers to expensive procedures, especially in elite beauty salons. If you buy a Masura or P.Shine kit on your own, and follow simple instructions on how to do a Japanese manicure, you can do full-fledged nail healing at home. Funds in such kits are spent very economically, medical paste and powder will last for several years.

Japanese manicure – execution technique

This care for the nail plates is designed as the most gentle and gentle treatment aimed at restoring the natural beauty of the hands. It is important to do Japanese manicure correctly – the technology provides for the performance of all actions with gentle massage movements, the use of natural tools and organic preparations. The event looks like a beautiful and mysterious oriental rite.

Japanese manicure – sequence

For the procedure, it is necessary to allocate about 1.5 hours of time and prepare in advance all the required devices and remedies. Stages of Japanese manicure:

  1. Treat hands with a moisturizing and degreasing antiseptic Masura Clarifying Spray. Give the nails the desired shape with a special tapered file based on balsa wood.
  2. Stages of Japanese manicure 1

  3. In the presence of roughness, delamination and other defects, use a polishing block.
  4. Stages of Japanese manicure 2

  5. Apply TSUME IKI antiseptic, softening and moisturizing liquid to the cuticles. Wait 2-5 minutes.
  6. Stages of Japanese manicure 3

  7. Stroking the nails from the bottom up, make a massage, rubbing the non-absorbed product. Push back cuticles with a tachibana stick.
  8. Stages of Japanese manicure 4

  9. Apply CUTICLE ALGAE scrub gel. Massage the nails a little more to completely clean them of the remnants of the cuticle and panaritium.
  10. Stages of Japanese manicure 5

  11. Lubricate the rollers with AMAKAWA MARMALADE.
  12. Stages of Japanese manicure 6

  13. Without removing the product, immediately dip your hands into a warm bath with “royal pearls” dissolved in it. After the procedure, inspect the nails for defects (burrs, cuticles), if necessary, eliminate them.
  14. Stages of Japanese manicure 7

  15. Transfer some NI paste with a tachibana stick to the prepared plate.
  16. Stages of Japanese manicure 8

  17. Kichin coated with soft calfskin (suede) first slowly spread the product over the nail. The Japanese manicure technique involves the use of swaying movements that resemble a boat on the waves. Then the paste is rubbed quickly.
  18. Stages of Japanese manicure 9

  19. Sprinkle a little HON powder on the treated surface.
  20. Stages of Japanese manicure 10

  21. Use it to polish your nails with the second kitchin.
  22. Stages of Japanese manicure 11

  23. Carefully examine the plates, conduct a thorough diagnosis of their condition and select the desired therapeutic serum.
  24. Stages of Japanese manicure 12

  25. Apply the selected coating, wait for it to dry completely. If necessary, additionally lubricate the nails with therapeutic aromatic oil.
  26. Stages of Japanese manicure 13

  27. Massage your hands with hot atsui bags.
  28. Stages of Japanese manicure 14

  29. Rub the rest of the medicinal products on the nails into the skin.
  30. Stages of Japanese manicure 15