Many people today prefer to use their own hair trimmer and clipper. The popularity of clippers is easy to explain, because its purchase and maintenance are much cheaper than a constant visit to a hairdressing salon. In addition, having mastered the skill of using this device, many simply do not want to trust their appearance to strangers and, moreover, pay money for it. Using the machine at home is quite simple, for this it is enough to follow some rules and show a little patience. With the advent of experience, working with a hair clipper will not take much time and will leave only positive impressions. Let’s figure out how to use a hair clipper, and which attachments are best to choose.

Tips at a glance

The nozzles have a fairly simple design, which ensures both easy and quick replacement when the need arises. Accessories are usually divided into the following types.

  1. Nozzle for adjusting the cut level. This type is the most popular among both specialists and those who prefer to cut their own hair at home. The nozzle allows you to set the required length in increments of 3 to 20 mm. There are models that allow you to set a step from one millimeter to 25mm. Looking ahead, we can say that for everyday everyday haircuts, it will be enough to confine yourself to acquiring a couple of the most common attachments, without resorting to professional-level accessories.
    Nozzle for Moser machine
  2. Nozzle for making patterns. Such nozzles will be especially relevant for lovers of short haircuts with some patterns. Short hair tends to grow back quite quickly, hiding the patterns that adorn the head. It is to update the pattern that these nozzles are intended.
    Nozzle for patterns
  3. Thinning attachment. Another one for short hair. It is used to give the haircut a neat and finished look, and is the final one in the haircut process, as it has very small gaps. With the help of a thinning nozzle, it is easy to work with the transition (hair of different sizes) giving it a smoother outline.
    Filling nozzle
  4. Mustache and beard trimmers. Everything is pretty simple here. This attachment is a godsend for everyone who loves to wear mustaches and beards. The effect is achieved due to the knives, which are somewhat narrower for this type of nozzles, and the teeth of the cutting edge are somewhat smaller than usual. This is very handy when you need to equalize the stiff and softer hairs of your beard and mustache. This type of attachment is present in devices that are classified as a separate class (trimmers), but is also found in many hair clippers.
    Three beard attachments
  5. cone nozzle. A very handy invention for trimming the ear canal area and trimming nose hair. Using these nozzles is easy and convenient, the trimming itself takes only a few minutes.
    cone nozzle
  6. Polishing head. Designed specifically for split ends. It is important to remember that the nozzle gives only a temporary effect and does not replace the full-fledged therapy that split ends need (vitaminization, conditioning, etc.).
    Polishing head

Most often, a hair clipper comes with interchangeable nozzles. True, in the case of budget models, their choice can be very limited (one, at best 2-3 nozzles). Accessories can be purchased in a set, but do not forget that most often at home, the user rarely needs more than two or three types. Before you consider purchasing an additional set, you should clearly define your needs. Otherwise, having bought a complete set with 5-7 types of nozzles, there is a risk that most of them will be idle. In addition, these kits are often quite expensive.

The best option would be to purchase a nozzle as the need arises.

Nozzles may vary in quality and the material from which they are made. There are metal, plastic and even silicone options. Plastic ones are ubiquitous and inexpensive. The metal ones are the strongest and most durable, the prices for such nozzles are at an average level. Silicone is a new invention in the hairdressing market, so they are the most expensive of all. Their touches are pleasant for the scalp, it is convenient to use such accessories.

When buying nozzles, it is important to study which models of machines they are suitable for, because. there is no single universal standard for all models. There are a number of manufacturers that produce unified nozzles under several brands, but in each case it is important to study the specification and model for which they are intended. “Unified” nozzles, suitable for several models at once, are equipped with a spring at the base of the mount, which allows them to be used in several models at once.

There is an opinion that a real specialist is able to make a neat and interesting haircut without nozzles at all. However, the more nozzles in the hairdresser’s arsenal, the more his hands are untied and the fantasy is less limited. Attachments will be useful for young professionals and those who are just starting to take their first steps in home haircuts.

Important rules for home haircuts

In order for the machine to serve for a long time, and the user to be satisfied with his hairstyle, several rules must be observed.

  1. The marking of the possible position of the nozzle is not equal to the length of the hair that will be obtained when cutting. In the instructions you need to find a table of correspondence of this marking and hair length. It is necessary to focus on the information that is given for a particular machine. Different models may have different numbering. More often, the marking “0” is an option without a nozzle, or in its lower position, when the hair is removed under the root, and the number “7” or “8” is the maximum, in different models it corresponds to 2.1-2.5 cm. the average is 1-3 mm, in different machines in different ways. In order not to accidentally cut off excess, before using the device, be sure to read the user manual.
  2. Hair can only be cut clean. It is imperative to wash your hair to remove fatty deposits that can clog the blades of the machine. In addition, clean hair is thinner, combs better and lays down correctly along its growth lines. Curls should be untangled. For this purpose, you can use any lotion that facilitates combing. If the instructions say that hair can only be cut dry, then you should not ignore this recommendation. If the machine can cut both wet and dry hair, you can choose your option based on personal convenience and experience.hair wash before haircut
  3. Even experienced neat craftsmen cannot cut their hair so that the hair does not fly in different directions. You can’t avoid dirt. Therefore, it is better to cut hair where it is not a problem, or it is easy to solve. The best options: in the garden, if it is a private house, or on the balcony. It is convenient to cut in the bathroom and in the kitchen, where the floor usually has “anti-vandal” coatings and is easy to clean. The child can be put on a children’s stool right in the bath itself. The shoulders and neck of the person who is doing the hair should be covered. From a cellophane or silky cape, cut hair will easily slide down without getting stuck on clothes.
  4. Professional hairdressers know how and where to cut. For a beginner at home, it is better to proceed in the following order. First you need to cut all the hair to the maximum length. For example, if a haircut is conceived with a hair length of 2 cm on top, 1 cm on the sides, it is convenient to first shave the entire head to a length of 2 cm, and then take on shorter sections. The sequence of work with different areas is a creative moment. It depends on the habit, the convenience of the master. But there is also a little secret for beginners here: you need to act according to some specific algorithm, without jumping to different sections. So there will be no accidental skipping.
  5. The machine during the haircut is necessary move against hair growth, cutting edge forward. Thus, the nozzle will lift the hairs. Otherwise, there will be a stroking movement, and haircut defects are possible. In the temporal region, as well as on the back of the head, hair grows down from the crown. At the top, the hair is directed forward. Accordingly, whiskey should be cut with an upward movement, and the top of the head with a backward movement of the machine.
  6. To make smooth contours and give a natural look to the hairstyle, without the effect of hemming, you need to cut these areas picking up movements. Bring the nozzle to the surface of the skin in parallel, and then make a movement as if to take off, from the head, but with a small amplitude.

For a structured hairstyle with a transition in length, it is important to work out these difficult areas as well. If the difference in hair length is more than one step between the attachments, intermediate attachments can be used.

Head hair cutting techniques

There are several men’s haircuts that you can easily learn on your own with a minimum of time and effort.


You should start with a universal, simplest haircut. This technique is easy even for someone who holds a hair clipper for the first time. Performing a universal haircut, you do not even need to change nozzles. Here’s how to make it.

  1. Set the intended hair length and install the appropriate nozzle.
  2. It is best to start a haircut from the occipital region of the head. It is necessary to drive the machine smoothly, lifting the tool up, against the growth of the hairline.
  3. After the back of the head, the temporal region is leveled, and last but not least, the parietal.
    Haircut of the temporal region

Boxing and semi-boxing

The next haircut that you can do yourself is called boxing or semi-boxing. Despite the fact that this haircut has a very rich history, and it is difficult to call it new, it is still very popular with men of all ages. However, if you consider that a well-made half-box gives confidence and emphasizes masculine features, the popularity of a half-box will not seem so surprising.

There is one caveat: you can get a haircut under a box or semi-box only if you have the correct shape of the skull. If there are bumps, bumps, birthmarks, etc. on the head, it may be worth looking for a different haircut.

Any short haircut emphasizes any imperfection – this should be remembered. The thickness and density of your hair will not play a role, because. you cut your hair short.

  1. For a haircut, in addition to the machine itself, you will need a razor, scissors and a comb. It is better to take care of everything you need in advance so that the tools are at hand.
  2. To begin with, with the help of scissors, a line is drawn between long curls and short ones. If the back of the head has a pronounced relief, the border is drawn a little lower.
  3. Hair that grows below the growth line of long curls is shortened with a machine.
  4. The temporal and occipital region is best shortened as much as possible.
    Half box technique
  5. Next, you need to go to the parietal region. Here, hair should be cut in strands, helping yourself with your fingers (holding the hair between the middle and index).
  6. After cutting, you can begin to profile the hair with specialized scissors. If there are no such scissors, you can get by with a razor. When profiling, much attention should be paid to the face.
  7. The remaining hairs sticking out are cut off with ordinary scissors.

If there is a desire to leave a bang, it is important that it does not contrast in size with the length of all other hair. In the boxing version, the bangs should not be left too long, the haircut style does not imply this.

As for semi-boxthen it is executed as follows:

  1. All hair growing below the center of the nape should be cut as short as possible.
  2. The upper part of the processing zone will run along the line, which is called the “control”. It connects the upper part of the occipital region with the tips of the ears.
  3. The strands at the temples are cut to the same level as the prepared occipital region. Here it will be important to make a smooth transition from short hair to longer hair. To do this, the length is aligned two centimeters above the conditional border. You can use the appropriate nozzle or use scissors.
  4. The parietal strands are cut with scissors, while it is most convenient to help with the second hand, holding the strands between the fingers.
  5. Thinning is the finishing procedure, it is carried out either with scissors or with a machine.


The technique of this haircut is quite simple to do on your own. In addition, this hairstyle will be relevant at all times. Millions of men choose it for everyday wear because it is practical and emphasizes masculine features. Hedgehogs are cut mainly owners of thick and coarse hair. Some say that this type of haircut is very similar to a half-box, but this is not entirely true. There are no clear transitions from short hair to longer hair in a hedgehog. In the case of this hairstyle, the transition is smooth and almost imperceptible. The haircut is performed as follows.

  1. The parietal region is trimmed with scissors. The recommended length is no more than 4 cm.
  2. After trimming, a little gel or wax is applied to the head, the hair is styled with a candle (if necessary, you can use a hairdryer).
  3. The bangs are combed towards the parietal region.
  4. Whiskey and the back of the head are leveled with a hair clipper, trying to make the transition from long hair to short hair as imperceptible as possible.
  5. The neck should either be completely shaved or leave a small layer of bristles.



In the common people, it is called “under zero”, which very accurately reflects its essence. When cutting baldly, all the masculine features of the face, eyes, cheekbones and chin are emphasized. Recommended to wear in case of formation of ugly bald patches or alopecia areata.

  1. First of all, you should cut your long hair so that the machine does not get tangled in them.
  2. It is necessary to start a haircut from the back of the head and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe temples, moving in three directions at once: from top to bottom, and then to the left and right.
  3. If there are irregularities, you can use a razor or a special nozzle that smooths the hair to the level of the bristles (1 mm). Typically, these attachments are available in beard trimmers, in some models of machines, or in additional sets.

Secrets of using a hair clipper

The main thing is experience, but without understanding some of the mechanisms, the process of obtaining it can be significantly delayed. For starters, don’t try to cut everyone you can get your hands on. If you are not confident in your abilities (although you have a desire), you should not experiment on loved ones, because they may remain dissatisfied with the result. Sooner or later, there will definitely be success, you just need to be patient and start from your head.

  1. Try to study as many videos on the topic of haircuts at home as possible. It is necessary to understand how the device works, how it lies in the hand, what is the limit of its power.
  2. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong. Almost everyone makes mistakes, it is unlikely that any of the specialists in their field became such the first time.
  3. It’s better to start with short haircuts, they are easier to learn, besides, in case of failure, there is always a “under zero” option that will hide an unsuccessful attempt. You can continue the experiment as the hair grows. The main thing is not to give up if it doesn’t work out.
  4. If the hair on the head has become thin, it is best to run through it with the central part of the blade or the selected nozzle.
  5. After finishing the haircut, it is better to use hair dryer blow This will make cleaning much easier. Also, after a haircut at home, it is recommended to take a shower to wash off the remaining hairs.
  6. It makes no sense to buy a professional-level hair clipper without at least some experience in cutting hair at home. And even more so, you should not rush to order the most complete set of nozzles for a lot of money. starter kit a beginner hairdresser may well limit himself to a simple but reliable device with two or three basic nozzles necessary to create smooth transitions and define boundaries.
  7. Any technical device requires maintenance, especially when it comes to direct contact with the hair and scalp. Experts recommend disinfecting steel blades from time to time, thoroughly cleaning them of dust and small hairs.
  8. Before you start cutting your own hair, you should choose a few simple haircuts that you can do at home. The main thing is not to navigate under the nozzle, they, if necessary, can be purchased in addition. It is better to choose the simplest options and gradually complicate the tasks.
  9. Before starting a haircut, it is best to study the characteristics of your hair, their growth rate, brittleness, hairline density, etc. In case of any difficulties, you can contact a trichologist.
  10. Most machines are either universal or right-handed oriented. You should know in advance what orientation the model you like has, so that in the future there will be no inconvenience.

It is important to remember that any independent haircut cannot be compared with a professional one, if only because the shearer himself cannot see his head from a distance, entirely. As a result, the picture when working with a typewriter or scissors is not quite complete. The hairdresser will always appreciate the client’s hair better. However, for simple haircuts, which most men choose as the main ones, this will not be a serious obstacle.

Self haircut

It is difficult to create a model haircut with your own hands, and a half-box or a hedgehog is quite possible.

Do not try to save on consumables. This does not mean at all that you need to buy all the most expensive ones, but if we are talking about a set of three nozzles, it is better to choose more carefully and not dwell on the most affordable model.

It will be much more convenient if, in addition to a comfortable grip, the handle and body contain several rubberized parts or soft-touch covers. This will make it much easier to use. The device will lie better in the hands, will not slip.

Rubber coated body

Machine body with rubber coating

If the choice is on a model with a power cord from an outlet, then you should pay attention to its length. The longer the wire, the more room for maneuver will remain. Of course, battery-powered models provide more maneuverability, but they are not suitable for everyone for a variety of reasons.

There is nothing difficult in starting to cut your own hair at home. Thus, you can not only acquire a useful skill, learn new things, but also significantly save the family budget on the services of a hairdresser. Starting to study an independent haircut, you need to be patient and tune in to an excellent result – then everything will definitely work out.