How to remove swelling under the eyes

The appearance of puffiness under the eyes is one of the most common problems in the appearance of women. In this regard, sooner or later, many of the fair sex ask the question: “How to remove swelling under the eyes?”.

Causes of swelling under the eyes

In order to find the answer to this burning question, it is better to immediately understand why swelling under the eyes is generally formed. Correctly found the cause of bags under the eyes will help you quickly find a method to eliminate them.

And there can be many such reasons. Firstly, elementary overwork will affect the face, swelling will appear under the eyes – what to do, it’s natural. The only panacea against this can be an adequate assessment of one’s strength, planning one’s time, alternating types of activity, as well as work with proper rest. It is also important to understand here that swelling under the eyes, how to get rid of which will be described later, occurs precisely with overwork, and not with fatigue. Fatigue is a normal human condition, while overwork is the borderline between fatigue and illness. Secondly, age can be the reason. The eyeballs are covered with pouches of fatty deposits for protection. Due to age-related features, the muscles under the eyes lose their activity. In this case, a good solution for how to remove swelling under the eyes can be proven folk methods – lotions from plant extracts. Or you can use a special cream for puffiness under the eyes.

By the way, it may never be needed by those who will monitor their eye muscles. If they overstrain during the day, then the swelling will definitely appear. Those people who are forced to spend time in front of the computer because of their profession should take breaks, albeit not very long, but frequent, so that their eyes rest a little. You can go out to print something, take documents, the main thing is not to be near the computer, not to write, not to read during these breaks. Weekends should be spent without a computer. The same people who are near the computer because of their hobbies (games, social networks, web surfing) need to limit themselves so that swelling does not occur under the eyes, which can not be quickly removed in every case.

How to get rid of swelling under the eyes?

It is not necessary to look for a tricky answer to this question, since avoiding bad habits simply helps in the fight against puffiness. Bags under the eyes can appear from alcohol and smoking. For those who often attend parties, but do not have these bad habits, it is enough to spend less time with smokers. The same applies to overeating, as people with a heavier build are more at risk of developing bags under the eyes.

The risk group also includes people who drink a lot of water before going to bed, are constantly nervous, have little fresh air, or those who have problems with blood circulation. In this case, you need to reconsider your attitude to your health and behavior, and then you can remove the swelling under the eyes, getting rid of their causes.

Methods, how to remove swelling under the eyes, the mass. If an under-eye cream or special masks do not help, you can try to sleep with your head higher than your whole body.

Some may face the problem of bags under the eyes due to genetic differences. Therefore, physicians have developed collagen injections with pinoxide, which have a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the injection area.

Folk remedies for swelling under the eyes

To eliminate swelling under the eyes, you can use folk remedies. One of the simplest and most popular is lotion from chamomile flowers. To do this, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tbsp. l. chamomile and insist 10-15 minutes. Wet your eyes with this infusion for at least 15 minutes. You can also add 1 tbsp to boiling water. l. green or black tea. You can remove swelling under the eyes in the same way using lime blossom, mint leaves in anyEdema under the eyes folk remedies condition and eyebright medicinal. Also dry horsetail grass: before the infusion process, it is necessary to boil the mixture for 20-25 minutes.

Potatoes can also be an effective solution to the problem of how to remove puffiness under the eyes. It is enough to apply circles of peeled potatoes to the eyes for 20-30 minutes. Grated potatoes with parsley and dill will also help. Instead of potatoes, you can use cucumber, sliced ​​u200bu200bor sliced ​​or grated.

Take care of the skin around your eyes and don’t forget not to bring bags under your eyes to hernias when surgery is inevitable.