How to remove circles under the eyes

I really want to, like in a movie, conquer men with one glance, but this is unlikely to work if circles have firmly settled under the eyes. The reasons for their appearance can be different: from banal lack of sleep and overwork to serious diseases. Therefore, if the tips on how to quickly remove dark circles under the eyes, outlined in this article, do not help you, then you should undergo a medical examination.

Reasons for the appearance

If the appearance of circles under the eyes is not associated with diseases, then perhaps you should reconsider your lifestyle and correct something in it, and then you will no longer need to spend time and money on cosmetic procedures. For example, breaking bad habits can help you get rid of dark or blue circles under your eyes. The fact is that nicotine and alcohol constrict blood vessels, thereby impairing blood circulation, hence the ugly rims near the eyes. By the way, the lack of oxygen also does not benefit your eyes, so do not forget to ventilate the room well before going to bed and do not get too carried away with creams at night – it is better if the skin has the opportunity to breathe. Drinking a lot of water before going to bed is also not worth it, and too salty and spicy food for owners of dark circles under the eyes is not recommended for use every day. And yet, not any cosmetics makes you more beautiful – the skin around the eyes is very delicate and incorrectly selected cosmetics can provoke the appearance of dark marks under the eyes. And of course, your skin will really like nourishment with vitamins, especially C and K, and also if you try to get enough sleep and avoid various stresses.

How to remove circles under the eyes?

1. The first easiest way is to visit a beautician. The specialist will select the necessary preparations and cosmetic procedures for you so that the skin around your eyes strikes with its cleanliness and freshness.

2. There is no opportunity to visit a beautician yet? Try to choose cosmetics yourself, the main thing is to carefully read the composition. We need the following substances: hyaluronic acid, caffeine, green tea extract, collagen and manganese.

3. In principle, you can try to remove black circles under the eyes at home, here are a few ways:

  • compress from the infusion of sage. Pour 1 teaspoon of sage into 100 ml of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. We set half of the tea leaves to cool, the second part needs to be slightly warmed up. And now alternately apply compresses with warm and cold infusion to the eyes. Keep napkins with tea leaves in front of your eyes for 10 minutes each;
  • massage. Every morning after washing, massage the skin around the eyes for 2-3 minutes, the direction is from the temples to the bridge of the nose. Then we close our eyes, put our index fingers on the outer corners, and slightly stretch the skin to the temples. Then close your eyes tightly for 6 seconds, and then relax. So you need to repeat 10 times;
  • potato compress. We rub a raw potato on a fine grater, squeeze the juice and moisten gauze in it. We apply napkins for 15 minutes to the skin under the eyes;
  • freeze strong tea leaves or herbal infusion, and put ice cubes under the eyes. Caution, the skin is sensitive, so be sure to put a napkin under the ice;
  • Quickly remove circles under the eyes

  • we take fresh cottage cheese, grind it and lay it on gauze napkins. Leave for 15 minutes under the eyes;
  • our grandmothers also knew how to remove circles under the eyes, and for this purpose they used slices of fresh cucumber. We use the heritage of our ancestors, it really helps;
  • indifferent to cucumbers, but love berries? Then a cherry mask is for you. Cherries should be crushed and applied to the skin under the eyes. After 10 minutes, gently remove with a cotton swab.

And, once again I remind you, all the tricks will be useless if you forget about the rest. Even perfect skin cannot make you attractive if you can read one single thought in your eyes: “How I want to sleep!”.