A household hair dryer is present in the arsenal of almost every woman. It helps not only to quickly dry the hair, but also to create the desired hairstyle. However, this device also has opponents who claim that the hair dryer spoils the hair, reducing their natural moisture content. Nevertheless, in some situations, you can’t do without it: for example, when you need to go out into the cold after the pool. Is it bad to blow dry your hair? To answer this question, it is necessary to take a closer look at the negative and positive aspects of this action.

Pros and cons of thermal and natural dehumidification

First, let’s look at the mechanism of drying hair with hair dryers. They dry the strands with a directed stream of heated air. They are equipped with a variety of nozzles that change the type of flow. Some provide various features, such as the ability to adjust the temperature (up to 60 ° C) and the speed of the air flow. They have protection against overheating to prevent damage to the scalp by hot air masses.

Young woman drying her hair

The most important advantage of drying with a hair dryer is, of course, drying speed. Still, the undoubted effect of facilitating hair styling. But the disadvantages of this process are quite significant and significant: with frequent use at high temperatures, these are brittle, split ends, dryness of not only hairs, but also of the scalp, delamination of hair scales, dullness of color.

The positive impact of natural drying is much higher. It is reduced to the smallest value, the number of split hairs, their structure without brittleness and delamination, the thickness is greater, the moisture remains, as it were, in sealedthus maintaining the natural natural luster. There is only one minus of ordinary drying – duration.

Incorrect manipulations when using a hair dryer

Today, a useful device that helps to give hair volume and hairstyle is available in almost every home. However, as with any technique, you need to be able to use a hair dryer. Many people make unacceptable mistakes when drying their hair, thereby harming the scalp and hair.

1. Only use hot air

Advanced hair dryers have a button for switching hot air to cold air. Thanks to this function, you can fix the styling with a cool air stream, which makes it possible to retain moisture in the hair longer and hold the hairstyle for a longer time. Among other things, the shift mode helps prevent the formation of split ends.

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cold air button

Cool air mode – a useful feature of the hair dryer

2. Keep the hair dryer close to your head

Hold the hair dryer at some distance with your hand outstretched. The optimal distance is 30-40 cm. Otherwise, you can burn the scalp, damage the hair follicles.

Advice! When drying themselves, most hold the appliance with their main hand. But not everywhere you can reach with one hand. It is worth changing habits and controlling the process by distributing work for both hands.

3. Dry hair from the bottom up

Proper use of a hair dryer is the direction of air flow from the roots of the hair to the ends. Thus, the hair scales will not rise, keeping moisture inside the hair. Often, stylists advise drying hair from below, tilting your head – supposedly, this will add extra volume to your hair. Maybe this is true, but for the sake of volume, you will have to sacrifice the quality of the hair. Due to anti-wool drying, curls will tangled and badly combed.

blow dry your hair properly

Direct air flow from top to bottom

4. Overexpose the towel on your head

After washing, the hair is soaked with a towel for no more than 10 minutes. The friction of the fabric on the head negatively affects the curls – they become weaker. Before turning on an electrical appliance, you should walk around with wet hair until it dries out a little.

5. At the beginning of drying, put a diffuser nozzle on the hair dryer

Wet hair is more vulnerable. Immediately turning on the high speed of warm air when drying the hair, there is a chance of damaging them. It will be right to start styling your hair at low speed with normal nozzlegradually moving to the diffuser.

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6. Use nozzles from any materials

Nozzles are plastic, metal and ceramic. Metal heats up faster, making hair neater. But plastic and ceramics are considered more harmless to hair.

ceramic hair dryer brush

The Philips HP 8665/00 hair dryer with ceramic attachments keeps your hair healthy

7. Dry hair at maximum speed

The most important mistake when using a hair dryer is the use of constant hot air. Following the instructions, the maximum temperature is set in extreme cases when you need to make a complex hairstyle, or the hair is difficult to manipulate.

8. Ignore thermal protection

When using a hair dryer every few days, do not forget about thermal protection. This word refers to rinse-off (conditioners, shampoos) and leave-in (creams, oils, sprays) products.

Advice! For those with dry hair, it is not advisable to use alcohol-based thermal protection. For normal and oily hair, on the contrary, do not purchase products with oil.

heat protection sprays for hair

9. Dry all hair at once

Many people dry their hair by directing the hair dryer at the entire mop. Doing so is not efficient. It will be more expedient divide hair into 4 or more zones and dry alternately.

If you hold the hair by the ends when drying the head, the volume of the hairstyle will be less. It would be more correct to direct warm air to the strands, picking them up with a comb. At the same time, you need to stretch your hand up. Thus, the hair will increase in volume, and the hairstyle will take on a beautiful look.

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10. Hurry to go outside

Rapid temperature changes adversely affect the scalp. Therefore, after drying your hair with a hairdryer, do not immediately run outside.

Ionic hair dryers are a safe choice

The structure of the hair is the core and protective coating, consisting of mini-scales. The latter are adjacent to the main trunk, thereby protecting the base. The condition of the hair depends on the density of pressing to the core of the protective layer. Static charge plays an important role in this. Hair tends to accumulate stress, which leads to protrusion of the protective scales of the hair. The greater the static charge, the more damage the hair dryer can do to the exposed core of the hair.

hair dryer with ionization

Hair dryer with ionization Panasonic EH-NE65-K865 Black

To neutralize the charge accumulated on the hair, use a hair dryer with an ion generator. Negatively charged particles help to smooth the hair, restoring its natural shine. Additional advantages of using such a device:

  • hair gets dirty less when wearing a headdress (static electricity also attracts dirt and dust), respectively, they should be washed and dried less often;
  • curls become more obedient and less need to be exposed to high temperatures during styling.

Is a hair dryer really so harmful to our hair, already weakened by the environment, stress, and malnutrition? There is no doubt that there is a negative effect, but with competent and skillful handling it is minimal.

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