How to paint lips

Juicy lips with a bow – isn’t this the dream of all women, and men too? The former want to bring their lips to such an ideal, while the latter prefer to kiss them. And what should ladies do in order to please the opposite sex and comply with the canons of beauty, if nature has not endowed the ideal shape and color of the lips? Of course, learn how to paint lips correctly, and then put your knowledge into practice! And since lipstick, pencil, and gloss are used for lip makeup, let’s talk about how to paint lips correctly with each product separately.

How to paint lips with lipstick?

In order for the lipstick to lay down well, before applying the lips, it is necessary to moisturize, it would be nice to do a light peeling. When the sponges have become smooth and soft, you can start painting them.

  1. First, we cover the lips with a tonal base: the product will fill all the cracks and wrinkles, the lipstick will lie better, and the lips will look more appetizing.
  2. Next, using a lip pencil, draw a contour, correcting the shape of the lips. If you have not used the contour before and there is a fear of drawing an uneven line, then you can first mark it with dots, and then slowly connect these dots with short strokes. If the contour line came out too bold or contrasting, then it needs to be shaded with a cotton swab.
  3. It’s time to apply lipstick, for this makeup artists recommend using a brush. With its help, lips can be painted over much better, and several colors can be mixed to obtain the desired effect. We apply the first layer of lipstick, moving from the middle to the corners of the lips. Do not forget to paint over the lips a little from the inside of the mouth, so that when talking, the border of the lipstick on the lips is not visible. Next, lightly press the napkin to the lips and lightly powder them so that the lipstick stays better. We apply a second layer of lipstick, and for the effect of plump lips, a little gloss.

How to paint lips with gloss?

Lip gloss is a big favorite among girls because of the ease of application and the charming effect of moist and plump lips, which is easy to achieve with it. And the application time is much less than when using lipstick. Unfortunately, for all its advantages, lip gloss has a significant drawback – it does not last long. But if you apply gloss on lipstick, then the lips will look juicy longer. If you use lip gloss as an independent makeup product, then you need to apply it only to the middle of the lips, and then distribute it over the entire surface, unclenching and squeezing your lips. And of course, before applying gloss, lips should be well moisturized.

How to paint lips with a pencil?

We actually need a pencil not to paint the lips, but to correct their shape. Therefore, if you want to know how to properly paint thin or too plump lips, and also be able to do it, then you will have to make friends with a lip pencil. And of course, you need to choose the right pencil – its color should match the color of lipstick or be one tone darker than it. To make the contour of the lips not so sharp and lie more evenly, the pencil must be warmed in the hands before use. It is better to start contouring the lips starting from the middle of the upper lip. And for a more natural and neat look of the lips, you can slightly shade them with a pencil, so you can avoid a sharp transition from the contour to the lips.

How to paint lips with a pencil

If the lips are thin and you want to make them more plump, then draw a contour a little further than the natural border of the lips. And after the lipstick, be sure to apply a little shine. You can also make highlights on the lips with lipstick of a lighter shade. To visually increase the volume, it is enough to draw two highlights on the lower lip and one on the upper. The transitions between colors need to be shaded.

If the lips, on the contrary, are too plump, then you need to powder the natural contour of the lips and, without going beyond it, outline the contour with a pencil. Then blend the line to the center of the lips. And of course, you should refuse gloss and give preference to bright matte lipsticks.