how to make matte lipstick

Glitters and glossy lipsticks are not always appropriate, they may not be suitable for the chosen makeup. If there were no other options for lip coverage in the cosmetic bag, you need to learn how to make lipstick matte. This happens quite simply and usually does not require additional devices, but any methods involve some distortion of the hue, reduce its brightness.

How to quickly make ordinary lipstick matte on the lips?

The easiest way to give the coating a matte finish:

  1. Make up your lips with a thick layer of lipstick, let it soak in for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Unfold a regular cellulose napkin, gently press it against the coating and remove it in the same way.
  3. If desired, repeat the procedure.

You can preliminarily draw the contour of the lips with a pencil, this will prevent the lipstick from smearing while using the napkin.

It is worth noting that the described method leads to a less bright and saturated, slightly pale shade.

How to make matte lipstick from glossy lipstick at home?

For this method, you need loose powder, preferably transparent. A transparent variety of such cosmetics with minerals is ideal.

The technology is as simple as possible – make up your lips with ordinary lipstick, and apply a small and even layer of transparent powder on top of it with a brush. The shade will fade only slightly, but the coating will look like velvet.

If you need to give a little matte, powder your lips should be through a translucent barrier. One layer of a paper handkerchief or napkin can act as its role.

Translucent powder increases the durability of makeup. So you don’t have to worry about the lip coating smearing or running during the day.

Of course, sometimes even transparent powder is not at hand. In such cases, the use of a matte eye shadow or blush similar in shade is allowed. Compact powder will also help, but it will greatly lighten the original color. It is important to remember that such how to make matte lipstickmeans lead to drying and peeling of the skin of the lips, so they can not be used often.

How to make glossy lipstick with shimmer matte?

It will not be possible to completely transform any coatings containing sparkles, a small amount of shimmer will still remain.

All of the above methods are suitable for shiny lipsticks. You can also try to apply a coating with a pencil and then blot your lips with a napkin 2 times. So the original shade will be better preserved and most of the sparkles will be removed.