How to make lips look pale

The fashion for pale lips either goes away or comes back again. And there are girls who dream that their lips become paler, but do not know how to do it. Well, for starters, we note that the latest wave of fashion for pale lips swept the world in the 2009-2010 season. It was in 2009 that all the world’s leading fashion designers used models with exceptionally pale lips in their shows. Sometimes they were even unnaturally pale, but it looked pretty pretty. In addition, the effect of pale lips went well with the then fashionable smoky eye makeup. Since the main rule of makeup says: we emphasize and highlight only one detail on the face – either lips or eyes. So, perhaps, we should take a closer look at ways to make lips pale, and what makeup should be with pale lips.

How to make lips look paler?

There are several ways to achieve the effect of pale lips:

  1. This is to make the pallor of the skin and lips accordingly in a natural way. No matter how tempting and captivating the phrase “natural way” sounds, this method is the most harmful to your health. Since it provides for the rejection of fresh vegetables and fruits, flour and meat. In just a week or two, your complexion will become quite pale, and this will also be reflected on your lips. But at the same time, such a diet will also affect your health and figure – remember that, first of all, when losing weight, a woman’s breasts decrease! It is hardly possible to find such a woman who will consciously take this step. But still there is such a way, and we told you about it.
  2. The next way is to get pale lips with decorative cosmetics. Currently, every cosmetic brand in the range can find products to make lips less bright. The most popular are lipstick with the effect of pale lips, as well as pale lip gloss. How to choose them correctly? After all, the pallor of the lips is determined, first of all, by the color of the skin of the face, and completely different shades are suitable for swarthy and white-skinned girls. This means that you need to build on your choice precisely from your natural complexion. In order to make your lips look pale against the background of your face, it is enough to purchase decorative cosmetics for lips that are one tone lighter than your skin tone.
  3. And finally, one more method. It also provides for the use of decorative cosmetics, however, not for its intended purpose. We are talking about powder. But you need to powder not the face, but the lips. This method is suitable for those girls who need to quickly achieve pale lips, but there is no time (or money) to purchase a special lipstick. Then you need to lightly powder your lips, and apply a transparent lip gloss on top. This is done so that the powder does not crumble, and the lips look plump and seductive.

Makeup options for pale lips

Makeup with pale lips

The first option is pale lips and pale eyes. This makeup is suitable for daylight hours, it is characterized by sufficient modesty and naturalness. The main nuance of this makeup is an absolutely even tone and complexion of the skin. For eye makeup, the use of mascara, eyeliner, shadows of light shades is allowed.

The second option is pale lips and bright eyes. Such makeup can be considered evening, it is optimal for evening dates, and is also suitable for night parties. As already mentioned, pale lips are best combined with smoky eye makeup. You can safely apply dark shades of shadows, black eyeliner, and also highlight eyebrows with a dark color. With a light tone of your lips, such makeup will not look defiant.