how to get rid of wen

Lipoma or tumor of adipose tissue is now quite common in people of all ages. The causes of this benign neoplasm are still unknown, so their prevention is not available. But medicine has many effective and safe ways to get rid of wen without the risk of relapse. Just one visit to the doctor allows you to forget about the unpleasant subcutaneous compaction forever.

How to get rid of a wen on a leg or arm, body?

The described problem can occur on any part of the limb or trunk, including the scalp. Lipomas on the body, as a rule, grow large, as they go unnoticed for a long time or are mistakenly perceived as symptoms of other diseases.

The only way to get rid of benign tumors is their surgical removal. In accordance with the size, tendency to increase and inflammation of the wen, the dermatologist may recommend one of the following methods for its elimination:

  1. Classic excision. Under local anesthesia, the surgeon cuts the skin over the tumor and peels it out along with the capsule. When removing small lipomas, the wound heals on its own. If a large wen is cut out, stitching will be required.
  2. laser removal. This version of the operation differs from the previous one in less pain. In addition, not much blood is released during the manipulation, and the edges of the incision are more accurate and grow together faster. By means of a laser, the fatty tumor is completely evaporated, including the membrane sheath.

There are no other effective ways to get rid of large neoplasms. Neither liposuction nor sclerosing have shown worthy therapeutic results, so these methods are not used in medicine.

How to get rid of small white and multiple wen on the face?

There is an opinion that a very small lipoma the size of a millet grain can be squeezed out by hand. This statement is fundamentally wrong. For starters, do not confuse a closed comedone with a wen. In the latter case, the neoplasm is a benign tumor with no way out of the contents. A comedone is simply a clogged sebaceous gland, and it can be squeezed out with your fingers or with a Uno spoon.

How to get rid of a small or medium wen on the forehead or nose, as well as cheeks, temples and chin, an experienced dermatologist should advise. It is unlikely that small lipomas will require surgical intervention, the following methods are usually used:

  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser removal;
  • puncture with a medical needle.

Laser manipulations are considered the most productive way to deal with the described defect, since after them there is no capsule left from the tumor, which eliminates the risk of its reappearance.

It is more difficult to choose how to get rid of subcutaneous wen in the corners of the mouth and on the lips, eyelids, because these areas are very sensitive. Dermatologists advise resorting only to laser removal, as the safest and least traumatic option for the operation.

How to get rid of a wen with proven folk remedies?

Despite the huge number of recipes for self-elimination of lipomas at home, the use of any of them is pointless. It is important to understand that the wen is a dense tumor in an elastic capsule. It does not dissolve and does not dissolve, no matter what compresses and lotions are applied to it. Moreover, constant external irritation can provoke growth, inflammation, and even degeneration into a malignant neoplasm. Therefore, it is better not to experiment, but immediately consult a doctor.