how to get rid of wen on the body

Wen is a tumor that develops from adipose tissue. It is benign and does not cause pain or fever. However, this education looks very unattractive. How to get rid of wen on the body so that they dissolve completely and do not reappear? There are several effective methods.

How to remove wen on the body?

You can remove the wen using methods such as:

  1. Laser correction – the procedure lasts only a few minutes and is characterized by a low probability of developing postoperative complications and injuring surrounding healthy structures.
  2. Radio wave surgery – fat cells are exposed to radio wave radiation, they are heated and they are gradually separated from the skin.
  3. Puncture-aspiration effect – a special device is introduced into the fats, which sucks out fat cells. The procedure is indicated for small lipomas and is carried out under the control of a microvideo endoscope.

Folk methods for removing wen

Do you have a small fat pad? How to get rid of wen on the body without resorting to modern surgical methods? This can be done with the help of traditional medicine. A small fatty seal can be removed by applying a compress from the golden mustache plant to it. For this you need:

  1. Apply a freshly plucked golden mustache leaf to the tumor.
  2. Cover the sheet with plastic wrap.
  3. Bandage it tightly.
  4. Remove the compress after 10-12 hours.

Have you noticed numerous lipomas? Doubt whether it is necessary to remove such wen on the body? It is better to get rid of them, because they create a serious cosmetic defect. Garlic slurry will help with this.

remedy recipe


  • garlic – 100 g;
  • vegetable oil – 5 ml.

Preparation and application

Peel the garlic, pass it through a garlic press and mix thoroughly with vegetable oil. Rub the resulting composition daily into the affected area of ​​​​the body.