how to choose an eyebrow pencil

The unnatural shape of eyebrows-strings has long sunk into oblivion, and today representatives who naturally have thin eyebrows are puzzled by how to give them a more magnificent look. For this case, a cosmetic bag should always have a special tool for this purpose – an eyebrow pencil.

How to choose the right eyebrow pencil according to technical specifications?

It is important to pay attention to both the technical characteristics of the instrument and the quality of the lead itself. The choice of the first parameter is small – getting out and normal, sharpening. Although the first one is also sometimes equipped with a sharpener located on the lid, it is not very convenient to use it and such a pencil quickly becomes dull and the strokes applied to it are thicker than we would like. Therefore, preference should be given to an ordinary pencil, at the end of which there is also a special brush.

The lead should be somewhat stronger than that of an eyeliner, because you will not have to apply a continuous line, but many small and jerky ones. However, some representatives of the fair sex believe that both eyes and eyebrows can be summed up with the same tool. But this is not true.

It is worth paying attention to the fat content of the lead. Too soft and greasy pencil will leave unwanted shine on the eyebrows, in the heat or in the rain, it can even smear.

How to choose the color of the eyebrow pencil?

Some brands are available in only two colors: black and brown. But if you set a goal, then on sale you can find a wide palette of eyebrow pencils:

  • black;
  • smoky;
  • gray-olive;
  • dark chestnut;
  • golden brown;
  • terracotta, etc.

Sometimes manufacturers are sophisticated in combining two close shades in one pencil at different ends. Such an example for makeup is very much in demand. Stylists recommend using two shades: dark – closer to the bridge of the nose, and approximately from the middle – lighter. For those who have ashy hair color, the gray tones of the eyebrow pencil are suitable. Bright red should choose copper shades, slightly darker than the hair.

This rule is relevant for those who are looking for an answer to the question of how to choose an eyebrow pencil for fair-haired, red, blondes. All fair-haired eyebrows should be a couple of shades darker. Contrary to this rule, an eyebrow pencil for brunettes should be the same number of shades lighter. If the hair color has never been dyed, then you don’t need to be smart – choose exactly the tone of your natural data.