Today, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons to become the owner of a chic hairstyle. It is enough to enlist the support of the appropriate technique to create luxurious curls or straighten your hair. For this, a hair dryer with a rotating nozzle is useful, you just have to choose which one is better.

What is a device

The appearance of such a hybrid is a brushing gadget with a handle. On this handle, the buttons that control the rotating part are located. The handle does not differ in any way from the similar one on the hair dryer. A different “origin” gives the nozzle.

Hair dryer brush

In fact, this is a tube with teeth (brush) located on it. We turn on the device, run it through wet hair – a spinning brush dries and winds (or straightens) them.

The modern rotating hair dryer uses two sizes of nozzles – this allows you to create curls of various sizes. Manufacturers promise that after getting acquainted with the device, the user will abandon all previously tried styling products. It is only important to choose the device according to its optimal parameters.

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What characteristics should you pay attention to

Important criteria for selecting a model will be:

  • power;
  • functionality;
  • number of nozzles;
  • materials used;
  • special abilities.

Each of these characteristics requires detailed analysis.

Optimum Power

This parameter should be selected individually – with an eye on hair length. For short or medium length hair, it will be enough to use a hair dryer with a rotating brush with a power of 400 W or more. But for thick and long hair, care should be completely different – devices with a power starting from 800 to 1000 watts are suitable here. Owners of a shock of hair that is rare today can be advised to stay on a device in which the brushes rotate with a power of 1200 watts. In this case, their drying and styling will not take much time.

Girl drying her hair with a hair dryer

The opinion that a more powerful tool can also be used on short hair is erroneous – the head will dry before the intended styling.

Speeds at work

The impact on curls is determined by two values: the heating temperature of the brush and the speed of the air flow passing through it. In the middle price segment, devices have 2-3 options for these parameters. In expensive professional brushes, there are 5 or more of them. A good choice of modes allows you to do more diverse styling.

The modes that should be in a hair dryer brush so that it does not lie idle and is really useful in hair care and beauty creation:

  • hot stream – for drying and shaping curls on heavy hair;
  • warm – for styling, volume;
  • cold air – to fix the styling.

select mode on hair dryer

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In its standard configuration, any such hair dryer has at least two brushes. As the price increases, the number of components will increase proportionally. This will open up new horizons for hairdressing fantasies.

The same requirements are imposed on any nozzles – they must be made of dense material and sit firmly on the main body. The best way to check the quality of the connection is to hear a characteristic click, which will make it clear: the connections are tightly fixed to each other. All this can be tested at the purchase stage in order to avoid purchasing a defective product.

Hair dryer with attachments

Additional options

Consider what useful additions a hair dryer can have.

  1. Ionization to protect the hair structure from the inside. It is achieved by settling particles with a negative charge on the hair.
  2. Cold air flow to set the style.
  3. Steam moisturizing for instant curls and protection from drying out.
  4. Reverse (element rotating in two directions).
  5. Overheating protection will extend the life of the device.
  6. A container or case for nozzles will help you conveniently store all the accessories.

Hair dryer in a case

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Materials used

The materials from which the working elements of equipment are made significantly affect not only its cost, but also its operational characteristics: wear resistance and durability, impact safety.

Ceramic nozzle takes care of the hair, does not spoil them at all. This coating evenly warms up over the entire surface, improving the effect of twisting the curl.

The main disadvantage of ceramics is that it is fragile, chips and other defects easily appear on it.

Tourmaline coating is the most expensive coating, but also the best. It is applied over ceramics, preserving and enhancing its positive effect on the hair, while eliminating the main drawback – fragility. Ceramics in a tourmaline coating is resistant to mechanical stress, it does not scratch or chip, it serves for years without losing its presentation. Hair after brushing with this coating is smoothed, curls become silky and shiny.

hair dryer brush beautiful shiny hair

If we are not talking about covering the base, but about the bristles itself, then here the choice should fall on natural fibre. Synthetics from constant heat “shaggy” and spoils the hair. Natural bristles carefully take care of the hair: they do not split or become electrified, and the soft pile has a massage effect, improving their general condition.

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The most popular hair dryers

In today’s market, Philips, Babuliss, Braun, Rowenta, Remington brands rank among the best manufacturers – there are plenty to choose from. A review of the best models of 2020, prepared by experts, will help you not to get lost in such a variety.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush

This hair dryer is suitable for frequent styling and drying of hair. Thanks to ceramic coating with natural bristles, the brush does not damage the hair, and ionization does not allow them to become electrified. The kit comes with nozzles of different diameters (3 and 5 cm), which allows you to work with different hair lengths and create a variety of hairstyles. Two directions of rotation of the brush also work for this.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush

Power of 100 W, 3 temperature settings, 2 airflow options make the hair dryer suitable for any type of hair and different situations. Light weight (0.6 kg), long cord with ball attachment, storage loop – these are the characteristics of professional styling equipment. The master will be comfortable working with him all day.

Braun AS 530

This hair dryer deserves attention with excellent technical characteristics (power 1 kW), rich equipment (nozzles of different sizes and purposes), as well as innovative steam technology. Thanks to this feature, the styler can be used not only for drying and styling wet hair, but also for working with dry hair. One Braun AS 530 can replace an entire arsenal of styling tools.

Braun AS 530

Rowenta CF 9520

This hair dryer has in its arsenal a good selection of modes (with adjustable temperature and flow intensity), ionization, Several ceramic coated tips. All this makes the device a real find not only for home, but also for professional use. The hair dryer has protective options and a built-in filter, which makes its use safe and comfortable. According to user reviews, hair after styling with Rowenta CF 9520 looks like after salon care.

Rowenta CF 9520

Philips HP8662 Essential Care

This is an inexpensive device for home use. Its power is 0.8 kW. For a careful attitude to the hair, the brush has thermal protection technology and ionization, there is a mode of operation with cold air (3 modes in total).

It comes with a concentrator nozzle that transforms this device into a classic hair dryer, and a brush (3.8 cm) with a unique technology that allows you to completely remove the bristles inside and use the curling nozzle.

Philips HP8662 Essential Care

The power cord is attached to a ball mount, so it is not afraid of creases. Cable length 1.8 m.

Rowenta CF 9522

This hair dryer has the best coating is tourmaline. At the same time, it is relatively inexpensive. The quality of hair after styling them is like after visiting a beauty salon. Hair is smoothed due to the caring effect of ionization. It is easy to work with the device: it weighs little, has rotating brushes, the operator does not need to exert any effort. The cord on the ball mount does not twist or break.

Rowenta CF 9522

How to do styling

It is not enough just to understand which hair dryer with a rotating nozzle turned out to be better according to the proposed parameters – you need to know how to use it. These simple tips will help.

  1. Choose the right one depending on the length of your hair working mode. Thick and long ones are dried at high speed (second button), and for short volumes, the first mode is enough.
  2. How do curls spin? It is not necessary to wind too wide strands on a spinning brush – the curls will not be able to take a beautiful shape. The optimal width is 5-7 cm.
  3. For short hair, you should use a rotating nozzle of medium diameter.
  4. The strands are captured in the direction from the crown and twisted in different directions. This will give the hairstyle lightness and negligence.
  5. To keep splendor for a long time, you can use nozzle concentratorlifting the hair at the roots.
  6. The strand must be heated for a few seconds, so as not to damage the hair with strong overheating.
  7. Mistresses of natural curls are better off choosing diffuser combs.
  8. Care must be taken when working with the device so as not to burn yourself.

Reviews for such a technique are different – from enthusiastic to bewildered. In skillful hands, the selected hair dryer can work wonders. Beginning users can only be offered to train more – then they will have amazing results.