Even 20 years ago, the hydromassage procedure was available only to clients in beauty salons and spa therapy rooms. Now everyone can buy a hot tub and use it at home. Stimulation of special points of the foot with water gives a noticeable healing effect: fatigue and swelling of the legs disappear, blood circulation improves. A foot massage bath can be a useful gift for loved ones or a pleasant purchase for yourself. Consider the main characteristics and selection criteria for this device.

The principle of operation of the device

The hydromassage bath for legs allows to a large extent take the load off your feet. With its help, you can carry out some cosmetic procedures. The design is simple: it is a plastic case, made in the form of a bath. Below are special massage rollers and other massage devices (depending on the configuration).

The foot massage bath can operate in several modes, providing a powerful tonic effect: hydromassage, bubble, acupuncture, vibration massage. Management is carried out using buttons. In more expensive models, a display is provided that displays all the basic information about the selected mode.Hydromassage foot bath

The procedure is as follows.

  1. The plastic container must be filled with water: preferably warm, but not too hot.
  2. Then you can sit in a comfortable position on an armchair or sofa and lower your legs into a filled tub of water. Having felt the sole of the insole with your feet, you should press a little on them.
  3. Then the impact itself begins, depending on the selected mode: hydromassage, vibration massage, etc. The procedure should not last more than 15-20 minutes.

On a note! In various configurations, targeted massage of some areas responsible for reflexes, as well as acupressure bubble massage, can be provided.

There is a special switch on the body that is responsible for water heating. The easiest way is to set the temperature and leave it to work in automatic mode. There are models without electric control, where all the impact is reduced to a mechanical massage of the foot. The user himself runs his feet on the sole, on which various massage protrusions are located.

Side controls on the tub

The body may have a mudguard or be molded in such a way that the top edges taper towards the top. It’s significant prevents splashes. It is understood that the device will be used on a smooth surface, so the legs of the device are made of special non-slip rubber.

Instrument Maintenance easy and most often comes down to cleaning with a detergent with a slight foaming. To dry, turn on the appliance without water and let it run for a minute.

Benefits of using

The benefits of a foot massage bath will be doubly noticeable if you use the device for its intended purpose, strictly adhering to the recommendations given in the instructions. These days, when most people lead an extremely active lifestyle, the legs are under serious stress. Considering that a lot of nerve endings, reference points are concentrated on them, we can conclude that they need rest and relaxation. By effectively influencing various points, one can achieve relaxation, and, conversely, the activation of certain organs (acupuncture effects).

foot bath

It has been repeatedly noted that the use of a foot bath can have a general strengthening effect on the entire body.. This is told by many users who have their own experience.

  • improving the quality of sleep and increasing its duration;
  • a significant increase in stress resistance, strengthening the nervous system;
  • increasing the level of concentration and attention;
  • increasing the levels of productive activity, improving efficiency;
  • strengthening the immune system and reducing the frequency of colds.

Important! It is also necessary to use a massage foot bath for the prevention of certain diseases. For example, systematic spa treatments will help prevent fungal infections, atopic dermatitis.

Contraindications and harm from use

Of course, like any personal hygiene device, a foot massage bath has its own contraindications. Undoubtedly, this device can bring only healthy people. If you have chronic diseases, then before buying, you should consult a specialist. Do not forget that any massage is a medical procedure.

The girl puts her feet in the bath

List of contraindications:

  • varicose veins (dilation of veins);
  • thrombosis, violation of the patency of blood vessels;
  • chronic CNS disease and endocrine disorders;
  • violation of the skin on the legs;
  • dermatitis;
  • injuries, wounds on the legs;
  • an ulcer or swelling at the site of the procedure.

With the exception of these points, there is no harm from using an electric foot bath. However, you should not place special hopes on her to heal ailments and, moreover, replace her with the treatment prescribed by a doctor (for example, drug therapy).

Useful additional features

Foot baths can have a number of auxiliary useful functions.

Work without water

This is the privilege of expensive devices. Dry massage is useful for muscle pain, as well as increased fatigue and foot tension.. It is necessary to use such an effect with caution, especially for those who are ticklish. As a rule, the rollers for the procedure can be changed, and the sensations change accordingly.

Addition of salts and oils

This option should be considered as an auxiliary one. Adding sea salt to the water can make the hydromassage procedure more effective. Sea salt perfectly cleanses the skin, and the minerals that make up its composition have a strengthening effect on muscle mass and bones. Such procedures are extremely useful for older people suffering from bone fragility and chronic joint problems.

Bath with oils

Can be found pine needle extract kits (enriched fir oil). According to manufacturers, the addition of such oils can have an anti-inflammatory effect, soothe an overly tired foot. The disinfecting effect of fir oils is known.

Important! After the massage procedure with the addition of salt or oils, the bath must be rinsed. On the foot, you need to apply the cream and thoroughly rub it over the entire surface.

A foot bath with the addition of oils has the following positive effects:

  • jasmine and lemon balm oils will perfectly help with tired legs, under stress, will have a restorative effect and cheer you up;
  • rosemary energizes;
  • pine needle oil, on the contrary, relaxes and gives a feeling of peace in the legs and throughout the body;
  • citrus oil causes a tonic effect;
  • shawls and tea tree give a feeling of freshness and reduce sweating of the feet.

infrared heating

The bath with an infrared emitter is equipped with additional illumination (IR lamps). They are placed in the base of the case. It is generally accepted that such lighting has pronounced therapeutic effect.

IR heating

The positive effect is based on heating due to IR lamps, as well as an increase in the mobility of the muscular frame of the foot. Improves elasticity and circulation of the feet. The latter is extremely useful at any age, because it is known that the foot is the part farthest from the heart. Often it is the feet that suffer from a deterioration in blood permeability.

IR treatments can be carried out both in a filled bath and in a dry one. A very useful option that will definitely benefit from a relaxing and therapeutic effect.

Magnetic influence

The electric bath can be equipped with magnets. The benefits of magnets have been known for a long time. First of all, magnetic exposure is necessary to improve blood circulation in the feet. The second thing that users note about the built-in magnets is the removal of heaviness syndrome in the legs. Here, the built-in magnets show their best, revealing their full potential. Magnets are indispensable for conducting sessions of medical procedures for pain in the joints and muscles, as well as periodic convulsions.

Important! It should be remembered that before using magnetic procedures, you need to consult a doctor.

Bath with magnetotherapy

Various attachments

There are models of baths that provide prepping feet for a pedicure using special nozzles. This includes all kinds of nail files, brushes, graters and scrapers that can come with the device. In more expensive or specialized models, you can find a nozzle for peeling and removing hard corns.

Instrument Selection Tips

You should pay attention to a number of criteria that are important for any models, regardless of the manufacturer.

  1. The presence of a remote control. It will greatly simplify the use, eliminating the need to bend over to the device to switch modes, etc.
  2. Heating. A model with heated water will be more convenient, because you do not have to think about maintaining the temperature during the procedure.
  3. Power level. The higher the power, the more possibilities the device has. As a rule, it varies in the range of 60-200 watts.
  4. Bath weight and stability. You should pay attention to the weight of the device, because the user will have to transfer it to the place of the procedure. Care should be taken to ensure that the legs of the bath are rubberized: this is not only convenient, but also safe.
  5. Power cord. The longer it is, the better. Well, if it will have a built-in winding.
  6. Display and timer. These options should be considered secondary. They are important as an increase in the usability of the bath. If the user prefers to feel as relaxed as possible and not think about anything else during the procedure, then having a timer will be very useful.

foot bath


Before choosing a foot bath, you should clearly define the criteria and cost. If the user wants to get basic functions and is not ready to overpay for additional ones, then you should stop at the entry-level and mid-level models. For those who want to get the full list of technical capabilities and medical procedures, it is best to pay attention to specialized models.

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