how to apply concealer

To date, many cosmetic products have been developed to mask imperfections in the skin and give the face a fresher and healthier look. One of them is concealer. It differs from foundation and is used pointwise on defects. Therefore, it is important to know how to apply concealer in order to achieve a fresh complexion and make makeup as natural as possible.

Where to apply concealer?

Concealer is a corrector that has a solid, gel or liquid structure. It is recommended for masking various defective areas on the face:

  1. Acne, inflammation, small pimples are masked with a beige and greenish corrector, which will help muffle the redness. Also in the composition of such cosmetics there are medicinal components, such as salicylic alcohol and tea tree esters.
  2. Individual vessels, vascular networks and redness are perfectly eliminated with a yellowish tint.
  3. You can remove signs of fatigue from the eyes if you know how to properly apply concealer on the eyes. When choosing a product, preference should be given to correctors that are a tone lighter than the skin. To mask bruises, it is recommended to choose a lavender shade.
  4. To eliminate mimic wrinkles, special compositions with reflective particles are used. With their help, it is possible to achieve freshness and radiance of the skin, but it is powerless against redness.

How to choose a concealer?

It is very important to choose the right corrective cosmetics, you must follow a number of tips:

  1. Before going to the store, the skin should be cleaned of makeup to make it easier to choose the right color.
  2. When buying a concealer, you should stop your choice on shades that are 1-2 tones lighter than the base, in its absence, the concealer is selected to match the skin color.
  3. Before buying, try several shades of corrector.

How to apply concealer on the face?

Experts recommend following a number of rules that will help you achieve the best result and avoid mistakes:

  1. Make-up should be done only with sufficient lighting. Thus, it will be possible to most accurately select the color of the concealer and foundation.
  2. To better lay down the product, you can use a slightly dampened brush or sponge.
  3. Some ladies find it more convenient to apply the product with their fingers. This method allows you to warm up the concealer and better lay it.
  4. If, after fixing the makeup with foundation, you notice that the defects remain visible, you can apply a small amount of concealer on the foundation.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. The skin is preliminarily cleansed, moisturized with a cream, which is allowed to soak for about ten minutes.
  2. where to apply concealer 1

  3. Then the foundation is applied.
  4. where to apply concealer

  5. After that, the concealer is driven in with gentle movements into problem areas. You can not smear it, so you only stretch the skin. To achieve an even coverage, it is recommended to use a special brush for makeup.
  6. where to apply concealer 3

  7. The edges are frayed.
  8. where to apply concealer 4

  9. After waiting for the corrector to dry, the face is covered with tonic or powder. The eye area is powdered, but only in the absence of obvious mimic folds.
  10. where to apply concealer 5

How to apply concealer under the eyes?

The corrector effectively removes puffiness and masks circles under the eyes, so that the face takes on a rested look. For this purpose, a peach shade concealer is better, but it is important to proceed from the individual characteristics of the skin. To enhance the effect will help preliminary application of the base of blue or green shades.

Apply the corrector with soft tapping movements, moving towards the inner corner from the outer, focusing directly on the borders of the bags under the eyes.