how to apply concealer on face

Due to the influence of various negative factors, redness, rashes, age spots and other defects appear on the skin. The concealer is designed to mask such imperfections with high quality. However, many women often do not know how to use this cosmetic product, which is why they get an unsatisfactory result. Therefore, it is important to learn how to properly apply concealer on the face, shade it and apply it to specific problem areas.

How to apply concealer under the eyes and on skin imperfections?

The described cosmetic product is often confused with a highlighter, and they try to lighten not only dark circles under the lower eyelid, but also the cheekbones with it. In fact, concealer is a kind of corrector, it has a dense texture designed to cover skin imperfections, and not highlight them.

Here’s how to properly apply concealer on your face – step by step:

  1. Work out the skin with a light tonal foundation, blend it thoroughly. Under the lower eyelids, draw triangles with a liquid concealer with a base from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. how to apply concealer on face step by step 1

  3. Spread the corrector layer with a flat brush.
  4. how to apply concealer on face step by step 2

  5. Apply a small amount of concealer to each skin defect.
  6. how to apply concealer on face step by step 3

  7. Particularly large imperfections should be masked abundantly; in this case, the corrector is “screwed in” with a brush located perpendicular to the skin.
  8. how to apply concealer on face step by step 4

  9. Lightly work the inner corners of the eyes towards the base of the eyebrows.
  10. how to apply concealer on face step by step 5

  11. In the presence of severe rashes and redness, point them with a thicker and denser concealer using a thin brush.
  12. how to apply concealer on face step by step

  13. Fix the layers of the corrector with a sponge with transparent powder (driving in and pressing movements).
  14. how to apply concealer on face step by step 7

After the work is done, you can proceed to decorative makeup.

It is worth noting that there is no difference between how to properly apply concealer on a round or square face, an oval with wide or narrow cheekbones. This tool is necessary solely for masking skin defects, and not for sculpting or correcting the shape of the face.

How to apply a palette of concealers?

The product in question is available in several shades. Professional makeup artists usually purchase a palette of concealers, each shade of which is designed to correct certain imperfections. The application rules are based on the elementary principles of color overlap of their optical physics. This is clearly seen in the figure.

how to apply concealer palette

For high-quality masking, it is necessary to determine the shade of the defect and apply on it the color of the concealer that is located on the opposite side. For example, redness overlaps the green tone of the corrector, blue circles under the eyes – apricot, and so on.

There is also a generalized scheme of how to properly apply concealers of different colors.

This option is the basis for facial correction with such typical imperfections as dilated blood vessels near the nose and lips, dark circles under the eyes, “black spots” on the chin and in the T-zone.

how to apply concealers of different colors