how to apply facial bronzer

At the very beginning of the spring-summer season, when the sun is already noticeably warm, but it is too early or not time to sunbathe, the skin looks, to put it mildly, faded, not very fresh and radiant. An instant solution to this problem is the use of a bronzer or bronzer. This cosmetic product is designed specifically to improve skin color, give it the effect of a light tan, “sun kiss”. But not all women know how to apply facial bronzer, mistakenly using it instead of powder or corrector. It looks unnatural and even strange, significantly spoils the appearance.

How to use a facial bronzer?

The mission of the cosmetic product in question is to give the skin a natural glow and a subtle tan, emphasizing facial features. Applying a bronzer is very simple if you remember a few rules:

  1. The bronzer should be 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone.
  2. Never apply the product to the entire surface of the face.
  3. Apply bronzer only on protruding parts – nose, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, forehead.
  4. Apply makeup in a very thin layer, it should not be noticeable.
  5. Stretch the bronzer on the ears, neck and décolleté.

How to apply bronzer on the face?

Experienced stylists advise you to remember the bronzer application scheme using the number 3. You need to apply it as if two symmetrical triplets are drawn on the face. The upper part of the figure is the hairline from the forehead to the temple, the center is the cheekbone, the lower half is the angle of the jaw and chin.

Here’s how to properly use a facial bronzer:

  1. With a wide and densely packed brush with a short handle, pick up the product, making loop movements, as shown in the figure.
  2. how to use facial bronzer 1

  3. Knock off excess bronzer on the back of your hand.
  4. how to use facial bronzer 2

  5. With light sweeping movements from the center of the face to the hair, apply cosmetics to the cheeks, retreating from the area around the eyes by about 2 fingers.
  6. how to use facial bronzer 3

  7. Apply bronzer to the upper part of the forehead, moving the brush left and right, from temple to temple.
  8. how to use facial bronzer 4

  9. Apply a little on the nose, moving the brush from the area between the eyebrows to its tip.
  10. how to use facial bronzer 5

  11. Blend the bronzer over the forehead, go to the angle of the lower jaw and chin, gently outlining it.
  12. how to use facial bronzer 6

  13. With a round soft and absolutely clean brush, distribute cosmetics over the treated areas.
  14. how to use facial bronzer 7

  15. Apply a small amount of bronzer on the neck and collarbones, blend well.
  16. how to use facial bronzer 8