The hair clipper has become a commonplace not only in hairdressing salons, but also in many homes due to its ease of handling. It is used for cutting relatives and friends. The more often this happens, the more carefully the care of the device should be. Experienced users are well acquainted with its various nuances – they know when, with what and how to properly lubricate the tool being used. But for beginners, there may be some difficulties. But they can be easily eliminated by understanding the issue.

hair clipper

Why you need to lubricate the machine

The working part of the machine consists of 2 knives (cutting surfaces): static and dynamic. In different models of the tool, they can be arranged and look different. An obligatory element of any device of this type is vibration motor.

Clipper knives

The technique for cutting animals and people is different, which is associated with different hardness of hair and wool, as well as an abundance of cover.

The hair clipper should be lubricated regularly. This should be done to achieve the following positive effects:

  • reduce friction between the knives during tool operation, which will reduce their heating;
  • clean the working unit from contamination;
  • reduce the rate of blunting of cutting parts;
  • prolong the life of the device.

As a result, after lubrication, the haircut will take place without jerks, more gently.

Clipper haircut

How often to oil the machine

Typewriter needed brush off hair after each use. An untidy machine clogs up and:

  • the power of the motor sags, the device cannot cope with the hair, it can burn out over time;
  • the blades of the machine begin to “chew” the hair;
  • extraneous noise appears;
  • A safety shutdown may be triggered (fuse blown).

You also need to lubricate the device after every haircut at least after two. If the parting has been lying unused for a long time, it must also be lubricated before use.

Machine lubrication

Suitable lubricants

The best lubrication option is specialized lubricants that are sold in hardware stores and are designed specifically for machines.

Attention! Vegetable (sunflower, corn, olive, any other) oil is not suitable for processing the device. It does not work as it should, it clogs the device with dirt (a greasy film is formed on which dust and hairs stick). As a result, technology simply fails.

Special oil

This oil is designed specifically for processing clippers. A small bottle is usually included, it lasts for a long time. The lubricant is a petroleum product and is clean, odorless and non-greasy. Such a substance is suitable not only for processing the machine after work, but also for periodic cleaning. Oil for machines is available under the following brands:

Dewal oil

If you cannot find a specialty lubricant on the market, it can be replaced with silicone grease, synthetic and mineral oils with a low viscosity index, or petroleum jelly.

Mineral and synthetic lubricants with low viscosity

In services, mineral and synthetic oils of low density are often used. They are convenient to use: they are easily distributed over the treated surface, flow into hard-to-reach places, are sold everywhere and cost a penny.
Synthetics are made from petroleum, which is refined and improved with “additives” in the laboratory. The most popular and affordable lubricant of this class is XADO Atomic Oil. Mineral compositions, in fact, are refined oil. One of the best Yuko Classic.

XADO Atomic Oil

Silicone Grease

Such compositions are developed on the basis of polydimethylsiloxane. It is the best alternative to a specialized lubricant. They are hypoallergenic, easy to use, do not dry out over time. You can search for lubricants on the shelves by name: PMS-200 and PMS-100. The number means viscosity. The larger it is, the thicker the composition.

Attention! Silicon-electric oil works well for trimming clippers, although it is more commonly used for cleaning electrical appliances.

vaseline lubricant

The one that can be found in pharmacies will do. It can be brought to the correct consistency using gasoline for lighters. Before using this composition, the machine must be thoroughly cleaned. It is convenient to lubricate the right places with a syringe without a needle.

Vaseline oil

Attention! In extreme cases, you can use Johnson Baby oil from the children’s department to lubricate the machine.

Tool lubrication algorithm

To lubricate the device yourself, you will need to go through a series of simple steps. To apply oil you will need oiler or syringe with a needle. The algorithm of actions at work is as follows:

  • using a brush, clean the blades of the working tool from the hair left on them after trimming;
  • wipe the knives using soft, damp wipes or a cloth;
  • according to the instructions for the device, apply a little bit of oil to the corresponding points (a couple of drops will be enough);

Applying oil to knives

  • so that the lubricant is distributed evenly over the surface of the knives, turn on the machine;
  • wipe the surface of the tool to remove excess oil.

It is necessary to clean the machine from hair carefully, because, mixed with lubricant, they will accelerate the failure of the device. It is recommended to apply oil in three places: along the edges and in the center.

Places for applying oil and grease

According to this scheme, models of machines Scarlett, Vitek, Philips and others are lubricated. The only difference is the way the blades are removed. Also, some products are special holes for lubricationwithout having to disassemble them.

Applying oil directly to the comb is a mistake, because the remaining tiny particles of hair will quickly dull the cutting edge of the tool.

The whole process of lubricating the clipper is shown on the example of the Moser 1400 model in the video:

Oiling the blades of a hair clipper does not take much time. In this case, you should carefully handle the blades so as not to get hurt. Regular carrying out of the procedure is one of the factors that ensure the viability of the device for a long time. Despite the wide range of products of this kind, the lubrication algorithm for different models is the same.