henna for eyebrows

Every morning, you no longer need to spend a lot of time on shaping and tinting your eyebrows with a pencil, lipstick or shadows. There is a great way to forget about this tiring ritual for a whole month – biotattoo. The main material for the procedure is a special henna for eyebrows. The powder is a mixture of crushed dried leaves of lavsonia and other natural dyes, without the addition of ammonia and aggressive chemicals.

Henna for eyebrows in capsules and bottles

When the described novelty appeared in stores and beauty salons, henna could be purchased exclusively in a bottle with a volume of 2.5 g or more. After some time, the dye began to be sold in large quantities and in containers that are not very convenient to use at home.

Henna capsules are produced by only one company – Godefroy. The eyebrow tinting kit additionally includes an oxidizing agent, a container for mixing the composition, and application sticks.

Godefroy is popular among women, but the set in question still cannot be called natural henna. The contents of the capsules contain a very small amount of lawsonia powder, the main part of the dye is chemical ingredients. Therefore, this kit is not suitable for biotattoo, it is better to buy real henna.

How often should I henna my eyebrows and take care of them?

From the moment of staining, pigmentation lasts well for 2 weeks, after which the skin and hairs begin to gradually turn pale. But with proper eyebrow care, you can prolong the effect:

  1. Before the procedure, peel the skin.
  2. Do not wet your eyebrows for 24 hours after biotattoo.
  3. Daily lubricate the hairs with vegetable cosmetic oil.
  4. Avoid exposure to eyebrow scrubs, peels, alcohol, and direct sunlight.
  5. Do not visit the pool and sauna for 3 days after coloring.

How to dye your eyebrows with henna?

To make a beautiful and correct bio-tattoo, it is not necessary to visit the salon. You can purchase material for the procedure and do it yourself, after making a correction and giving the brow arches the desired shape.

Photo lesson “I paint my eyebrows with henna at home”:

  1. Pour some water into a small container and pour henna of the selected color. The shade should be 1-2 shades darker than natural hair.
  2. I paint my eyebrows with henna 1

  3. Thoroughly mix the powder with water. To obtain a darker shade, it is necessary to achieve a thick consistency of the composition, the liquid mass stains less intensively.
  4. eyebrows henna 2

  5. Cleanse and disinfect the eyebrows and the skin around them, wipe the hairs with micellar water. If the procedure is carried out for the first time, it is better to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil or fat cream near the superciliary arches.
  6. henna eyebrows 3

  7. With a bevelled brush, pick up a small amount of henna and start coloring from the wide edge of the eyebrow, the shape of which seems closest to the ideal. Movements should be light and short.
  8. eyebrows henna 4

  9. Gradually moving forward, paint the middle of the eyebrow arch, shape its narrow tip. Give the eyebrows the desired shape and width.
  10. I paint my eyebrows with henna 5

  11. Remove defects, excess henna from the skin with a cotton swab dipped in oil or cream.
  12. eyebrows I paint with henna 6

  13. Repeat all the steps for the other eyebrow, trying to give it exactly the same shape as the first.
  14. I paint my eyebrows with henna 7

  15. After 5-15 minutes, wipe the henna from the wide ends of the eyebrows with a cotton pad, and leave it in the center and on the narrow edge.
  16. I paint my eyebrows with henna 8

  17. After another 15-45 minutes, you can remove the paint. To do this, it is important to use a special remover, in extreme cases – oil, but not alcohol.
  18. I paint my eyebrows with henna 9

  19. Gently remove the henna from the eyebrow arches, carefully wipe the excess composition from the skin around them.
  20. I paint my eyebrows with henna 10

  21. Check the result, lubricate the hairs with special eyebrow oil.
  22. I paint my eyebrows with henna 11

The aging time of the composition, which is recommended by manufacturers of cosmetic products, is 10-15 minutes. But practice and reviews of women show that it is usually not enough, especially to get dark shades. Therefore, it is better to keep henna on the eyebrows longer, at least 45-50 minutes, even 1 hour. This tool is absolutely safe and natural, so it will not harm either the skin or the hairs.