eye hemorrhage treatment

Hemorrhage occurs when the walls of blood vessels are damaged. This is provoked by mechanical damage or pathological conditions. This may include various diseases or serious injuries.

Severe hemorrhage in the eye – causes

Among the causes of hemorrhage note:

  • blunt force trauma;
  • force impact;
  • damage to the cranial bones and surrounding tissues of the eye;
  • injuries of the chest, torso;
  • closed brain injury.

These are only the most significant reasons due to which a hemorrhage in the eye can occur. There are also many other reasons that are caused by pathological and even chronic diseases.

Before you buy a medicine for hemorrhage in the eye, you need to decide on the main symptoms:

  1. The pathology in which there is an outpouring of blood into the anterior chamber of the eye is called “hyphema” – a red spot with even contours forms on the eye. Blood fills the entire eye. Vision in this case is not impaired, only if the pupil area remains unfilled. As a rule, after a few days, such a bloody formation resolves.
  2. Hemophthalmos – due to vitreous effusion of the eye body. Such a pathology occurs with mechanical damage to the membrane of the eye. In appearance, such an effusion is brown, sometimes reddish. Most often, vision is lost during an outpouring on the eye. The patient often complains of dark spots or sharp flashes of light during the daytime. Such a problem requires only medical attention, because the pathology is more than serious and self-medication can only do harm. In this case, eye drops from hemorrhage will not help.
  3. There is a hemorrhage in the retina, in this case, patients complain of the appearance of a grid or flickering flies. Vision is significantly reduced, and all objects that patients are able to contemplate are blurry.

Hemorrhage in the eye – treatment

With different complications of hemorrhage, accordingly, different measures are required. For example, with hyphema, treatment is not required at all. This form, as a rule, passes without additional interventions. You can, of course, drip special drops purchased at a pharmacy for one week. If, after such a mild form, the symptoms do not disappear after ten days during treatment, then urgent medical attention is needed, otherwise it is possible to get complications in the form of uveitis, glaucoma and cataracts.

For all other more complex forms of the disease, including hemorrhage in the sclera of the eye, treatment is prescribed directly by the doctor. A preliminary diagnosis is carried out and a special complex treatment is prescribed. Patients are usually prescribed hemostatic and vasoconstrictive drugs. If no action is taken immediately, there is an option to get a serious complication, up to loss of vision in one of the injured eyes.

With retinal hemorrhage, home treatment will be completely inappropriate. It requires urgent hospitalization and immediate medical attention. There are cases when the patient is scheduled for surgery.

Hemorrhage in the eye – treatment with folk remedies

The following components are used for treatment:

  1. Urine severe bleeding in the eyeused instead of drops for home treatment. Before use, it is necessary to boil it in a copper basin with honey.
  2. Meat – a long-standing method for the treatment of hemorrhage in the eye. On the damaged eye, you need to put a small piece of raw meat. This will help stop the hemorrhage and reduce the blood stain on the eye.
  3. Chicory – a special homemade and quite effective decoction. To do this, three tablespoons of chicory pour half a liter of water and bring to a boil. After that insist for 20 minutes. The decoction is taken internally three times a day. It can also be used as a local lotion.