hair styling spray

Among the many different hair styling products, sprays are favorably distinguished by the fact that they have the lightest possible texture, so they do not stick or weigh down the hair, allowing the hairstyle to look natural. This product is ideal for thin and unruly hair that does not hold styling well and quickly loses volume.

Thanks to the use of styling sprays for hair, the strands become more pliable, smooth and elastic, while maintaining styling for a long time. In addition, almost all hair sprays are enriched with substances that provide nutrition and moisture to the hair, protect it from harmful factors and regenerate.

Professional styling sprays

Hair sprays are produced by many cosmetics manufacturers, so it’s hard not to get confused in such a variety. To make the choice a little easier, consider a few tools that are popular and have positive reviews:

  1. Heat protection spray for hair “Secrets of hot styling from Heidi”, Taft Schwarzkopf – a product designed to be applied to the hair before using an iron or curling iron, allows you to fix the hairstyle well and does not allow the hair to lose moisture.
  2. Hair styling spray with care ingredients, Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ – perfectly fixes the styling, keeping the natural look of the hair for a long time, while providing them with complete care.
  3. Sea buckthorn hair styling spray, Natura Siberica – the product contains a maximum of natural ingredients that provide shine, smoothness, nutrition and hydration to the hair, as well as facilitating styling and making it safe.
  4. Spray with flax fibers, giving volume to fine hair, Klorane – allows you to create a basal volume, without stickiness and weighting, while making it possible to maintain styling even in wet weather and protect the hair from aggressive influences.
  5. Spray for hair volume, C:EHKO Crystal Style – allows styling to last throughout the day in any weather, while giving the hair elasticity, splendor and shine.

Spray for hair styling at home

You can also make your own hair styling spray. For example, here is a simple recipe for a lemon-based hair spray for easy styling and shine.

Spray recipe


    hair styling spray at home

  • lemon – 1 pc.;
  • mineral water – 180 ml;
  • alcohol – 5 ml.

Preparation and application

Cut the lemon into thin circles, place in an enameled saucepan and pour over mineral water. Bringing to a boil, simmer over low heat until the volume of liquid is reduced by 2 times. After cooling, strain the broth and add alcohol. Pour into a spray bottle and use before styling.