Gentle Manicure - 66 Stunning Trendy Nail Art Ideas

In the trend of this season of nail art, nude and pastel shades on the shortest rounded or almond-shaped nails. Delicate colors of lacquers combined with neat decorations emphasize the grace and natural beauty of women’s hands. This design of nails is suitable for everyday wear, and as a part of a festive look.

Gentle Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer different variations of discreet nail art. At fashion shows, nude manicures are predominantly demonstrated – a delicate design, close in shade to the natural color of the skin, is considered the most fashionable this season. Preferably a completely matte finish that does not detract from the lines of the fingers and hands with unnecessary details or glossy sheen. Similarly, manicures in pastel colors and nail design with simple drawings and accessories are in demand. The main thing is to adhere to the trend of moderation, which gives the image innocence and fragility.

Pale pink manicure

“Girly” shades have a special charm, hint at the romance and dreaminess of female nature. It is not necessary to do only a monophonic gentle manicure – photos of current designs show a variety of beautiful and calm nail art that emphasize individuality. To create a harmonious and holistic image, it is important to correctly combine the chosen design and outfit.

pale pink manicure with blackpale pink manicure budssoft pink manicure minimalism

The design with the use of velvet sand remains in fashion. With it, you can imitate cozy knitted and fabric textures, make interesting ethnic patterns. For lovers of elegant color transitions, nail art masters advise a gradient. It not only looks beautiful and unusual, but also visually lengthens the nails. Delicate summer manicure can be decorated with shimmer and sparkles. Radiance in the sun will favorably emphasize the soft shade of the varnish and the fine lines of the fingers.

pale pink manicure velvetgentle pink manicure gradientpale pink glitter manicure

Pale blue manicure

The cold sky color of the coating looks luxurious on fair skin. A monophonic delicate manicure in a blue tint is in harmony with both an evening dress and everyday jeans to match, so it is considered universal. When applying such a varnish, it is important to take care of the high-quality processing of the cuticles and periungual ridges. Even a very light blue color draws maximum attention to the fingers.

pale blue monochromatic manicurepale blue manicure with beigepale blue moon manicure

The presented manicure in gentle colors can be easily made more expressive using jewelry and nail art:

  • glitter;
  • velvet sand;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • dressing;
  • geometric patterns;
  • drawings in the technique of dots, chevron;
  • printing (translated design);
  • stickers and more.

pale blue manicure velvetpale blue manicure drawingspale blue manicure patterns

Delicate white manicure

The color in question is in harmony with any outfits and shades, but the combination with gold remains trendy. As a basis, it is desirable to choose not a dazzling white tone, but its muted and diluted variations – ivory, light matte, milky and similar varnishes. If you need to create an accent on the nails, simple patterns and drawings will do. In summer, stylists recommend marine-themed nail art (anchors, chains, waves). A gentle white manicure with golden shavings and glitter looks neat.

delicate white gold manicuredelicate white glitter manicuredelicate white accent manicure

It is important for brides to choose the shade of varnish to match the dress or accessories. You should not build up long nails and paint them with monograms, this concept has already gone out of fashion. A modern delicate wedding manicure should be as natural, elegant and feminine as possible. Such nail art emphasizes the girl’s innocence, her fragility and defenselessness. To give the design a “zest” will help design with simple patterns, the presence of negative space (transparent areas), decoration with rhinestones and pearls.

delicate white manicure with one rhinestonegentle white manicure heartgentle white manicure flowers

Gentle French manicure

A stable classic always remains at the peak of popularity, French nail art is in demand in any of its variations. The main trend of the current season is a nude French manicure with a milky white edge. The base color of the varnish is selected exactly to match the natural skin tone. This design can be combined with any clothes and image, so it can be worn for work, a special occasion, a romantic evening and a walk with friends.

gentle manicure french negativegentle manicure french accentgentle manicure french classic

If you want to diversify a gentle French-style manicure, nail art masters advise the following techniques:

  • edge decoration with colored varnishes in pastel colors;
  • gradient transition;
  • addition of a smile line with simple patterns;
  • decoration of nails with rhinestones and stones, metal elements and pearls;
  • golden or silver sprinkles;
  • glitter and large sequins (like mirror fragments);
  • creating an emphasis on one finger and other techniques.

gentle manicure french gradientgentle manicure french patterngentle manicure french color

Delicate manicure with rhinestones

Artificial stones inevitably draw attention to graceful female hands, especially in moments of radiance under the sun’s rays. A great way to decorate a delicate manicure is rhinestones of different colors and sizes. They can be glued in any order, used as an element or addition to a complex pattern, create separate “solo” compositions.

gentle manicure with rhinestones blue with milkygentle manicure with rhinestones pinkdelicate manicure with rhinestones heavenly gradient

The manicure of delicate shades looks extravagant in combination with bright and saturated artificial stones lined with a beautiful pattern. The contrast between a restrained nude palette and rich sparkling rhinestones immediately attracts attention. Such nail art will be appropriate at special occasions if you have a spectacular outfit and appropriate makeup.

gentle manicure with blue rhinestonesgentle manicure with rhinestones gradientgentle manicure with turquoise rhinestones

Delicate manicure with flowers

With fashionable simplicity and naturalness, modeling on nails has returned to fashion. Recently, a beautiful delicate manicure with voluminous flowers and petals that repeat the curves and shades of living plants has become a trend. This design looks a little pretentious, so nail artists do not recommend it for everyday wear. Fashioned flowers go well with elegant dresses, including wedding ones.

gentle manicure with flowers sculpting whitegentle manicure with flowers sculptinggentle manicure with flowers modeling pink

Fans of a more restrained nail design should prefer other options for plant patterns:

  • translucent floral patterns with negative space;
  • deliberately careless petals (like sketches);
  • drawings in the style of dots;
  • stamps and seals with flowers;
  • minimalistic design (leaves, stems).

gentle manicure with flowers printdelicate manicure with blue flowersgentle manicure with transparent flowers

Mirror gentle manicure

The brightest and most radiant nail art is performed thanks to a special technique of polishing the nail plate and applying shiny or pearl pollen under a transparent finish. Delicate manicure with a rub has replaced the standard metallic and dark variations of the mirror design. In the upcoming season, it is fashionable to wear pastel shades of the coating, more restrained and softer.

mirror gentle manicure beigepink mirror delicate manicuremirror delicate manicure chameleon

Nail art masters also offer an interesting delicate glossy manicure, which combines silver and gold rubbing with pale shades of varnish. Such designs can be complemented with small transparent rhinestones and simple patterns, pearl beads, velvet sand and sprinkles. Mirror shine will only emphasize the jewelry and give the image a uniqueness.

mirror gentle pearl manicuremirror gentle blue manicuremirror gentle manicure gold

Matte gentle manicure

Nail art without gloss has gained many admirers, women fell in love with it for its convenience and practicality in wearing, unusual appearance and pleasant velvety finish. Matte manicure in pastel colors looks good both in a monochromatic design and with accessories, patterns and accents. The proposed design is usually made for everyday activities, but it will also be appropriate for the holidays.

matte delicate pastel manicurematte gentle manicure drawingmatte delicate manicure accent

Delicate manicure with matte varnish successfully harmonizes with the following decorations:

  • lace;
  • artificial stones;
  • pearl;
  • sequins;
  • metal rivets;
  • glitter;
  • velvet sand.

matte gentle manicure lacematte gentle manicure ethnomatte gentle manicure pink rhinestones

Delicate multi-colored manicure

One of the best types of summer nail art is a light and slightly mischievous design using varnishes in several shades. A multi-colored manicure in pastel colors can be done as simply as possible – paint each nail in a separate color. Additionally, the plates are decorated with rhinestones or sparkles, decorated with geometric patterns, floral ornaments or other patterns.

delicate multi-colored monophonic manicuredelicate multi-colored rainbow manicuregentle multi-colored manicure different nails

For those who are forced to work in the midst of the beach season, stylists recommend diluting the gray hot weekdays with an original jacket. The smile line of each nail should be covered with different shades of varnish. Multi-colored nail art looks beautiful and fresh, complete with a gradient or ombre technique. Smooth transitions of tones emphasize the elegance of the outlines of women’s hands.

gentle multi-colored ombre manicuregentle multi-colored manicure dropsgentle multi-colored French manicure

Delicate manicure – new items

Certain fashion trends in the field of nail design have remained the same. Matte gentle manicure in pastel colors takes a leading position in parallel with the ageless jacket and geometric nail art. New directions concern mainly design options. Modern masters decorate a gentle manicure with gel polish with minimalistic drawings. On trend:

  • animal prints;
  • schematic representations of birds and plants;
  • blurry spots, blots;
  • stripes;
  • blocking;
  • drops (dots).

Gentle manicure on short nails

The length of the plate recommended by stylists is up to 5 mm from the fingertip. It is believed that nude manicure on short nails looks perfect, emphasizing their neat shape and naturalness. It is better to choose a simple design in such cases with a minimum number of volumetric elements. They look too massive, visually make the fingers shorter and thicker.

gentle manicure on short nailsgentle manicure on short nails treegentle manicure on short nails

If you want spectacular or extravagant nail art, you should design 1-2 nails, and not all plates. A moderate accent will attract the desired attention, but will not create an impression of tackiness and bad taste. You can decorate short nails with any accessories:

  • artificial stones;
  • sand;
  • glitter;
  • beads;
  • lace.

gentle manicure on short nails chamomilegentle manicure on short nailsgentle manicure on short nails hearts

Gentle manicure on long nails

Modern fashion trends are not suitable for all women. With an irregular or ugly shape of the nail plates, they have to be grown. In this situation, it is necessary to correctly choose a delicate design. Nude manicure on long nails looks very elegant and stylish even without additional decorations. You can diversify a rustic monochromatic coating with the new flip-side technique. It consists in painting the back of the nail with a contrasting dark varnish.

gentle manicure on long nails rhinestonesgentle manicure on long nails patternsgentle manicure on long french nails

For special occasions and romantic walks, more interesting nail art, decorated using:

  • rhinestone;
  • beads;
  • pearls;
  • lace;
  • sequin;
  • artificial drops;
  • velvet sand;
  • rubbing;
  • golden foil;
  • drawings;
  • ornaments;
  • geometric patterns and other elements.

gentle manicure on long nails accentgentle manicure on long nails chevrongentle manicure on long nails maple leaf