acne eliminal gel

Many believe that acne can only be cured with topical products – they themselves are on the surface. Indeed, the vast majority of remedies for rashes are ointments, gels, serums, creams. But there are also drugs that help solve the problem from the inside – Eliminal acne gel, for example. Everyone who has tested the tool on himself claims that it helps as if by magic – very quickly and effectively.

Expediency of using Eliminal gel for facial skin

The causes of acne can be very different. One of them is dysbacteriosis. How, you ask, problems with the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract are associated with rashes on the face? Directly!

The microflora contains a large number of beneficial bacteria that take part in the digestion of food, the assimilation of useful substances from it and the disposal of harmful ones. Part of the symbionts – as bacteria are called – is responsible for stimulating the work of enzymes and removing toxins. With dysbacteriosis, the microflora is disturbed. This leads to a decrease in the functionality of the intestine, due to which the body cannot remove harmful substances as efficiently. The latter begin to exit through the skin. As a result – various dermatological problems.

Gel Eliminal from acne and acne helps due to the fact that the active ingredients in its composition contribute to:

  • cleansing the body of toxins and metabolic products;
  • normalization of the chair;
  • restoration of healthy microflora.

Application of Eliminal gel

The medicine is available in the form of convenient sticks. Children over fourteen and adults are recommended to take one sachet three times a day. It is best to use the product a couple of hours before meals, after kneading the suspension to a homogeneous state. The optimal duration of treatment is 10-12 days.